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Nov 13, 2007 08:41 AM

Best places to buy BEER in the 5 boros

I have my favourite places in my area.. but I'm looking to find any/some beer meccas~ Places that are to beer what Sherry Lehman or Astor is to wines/spirits~

I know that there are some deli/groceries which carry great selections of beer (9th street & 2nd avenue in Manhattan)... and I know that there are some estlbshmnts that have excellent beers (Gingerman on 36th & Madison.. BXL on 43rd & 6th.. Markt on 21st & 6th)...
but I am in dire need of a beer distributor that has huge selection of quality brews, at good prices~ Any and all recommendations in the 5 boros is welcome!

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  1. Suprisingly, the Key Food on Flatbush Avenue and Sterling Place (across from the Crunch Gym) in Park Slope/Prospect Heights has a terrific selection of beer. There are a number of places in Park Slope that have a great eclectic selection, but the prices at the key food seem reasonable as well.

    1. I just made my first trip to Bierkraft ( ) in Park Slope this weekend, and was impressed in their operation. Don't know specifics, but they've got a pretty huge selection in bottles, plus the option to buy "growlers" (jugs) of beer, which you pay a deposit on, and return to refill. Think they have more than 10 types of nice beers for sale in this method, which worked out really nicely for us. They also have a huge cheese selection, charcuterie, chocolate, and Sullivan Street Bakery bread. Their prices seem competitive, if not cheap. It's pretty impressive, and worth a visit.

      1. New Beer Distributors on Christie St in Manhattan (best prices in Manhattan, solid selection - best overall)
        Bierkraft on 5th Ave in Park Slope (best selection, higher prices)
        American Beer Distribution Company on Court St in Cobble Hill (somewhere between the first two on this list)
        Whole Foods (Houston St) Beer Room - Surprisingly affordable
        Spuytin Duyvil Beer Store in Williamsburg (in funky little indoor mall on N. 5th & Bedford - quirky selections, unpredictable prices)

        New Beer, Bierkraft, Whole Foods, and maybe even American all offer growlers to go filled with rare or local brewers' seasonal selections on tap.

        1. The new beer section at the Whole Foods Bowery is pretty good.

          There are two places in Brooklyn that are fantastic. One is Bierkraft in Park Slope (they also sell a nice selection of cheeses and other foods if you are interested) and the other is American on Court St in Carroll Gardens. I generally use Bierkraft as my source when I want to try a few different kinds without committing to a 6pack since they sell a lot of their beers as singles.

          1. American which is in Cobble Hill on Court Street just off Kane is probably the best when looking at both selection and price. People in the neighborhood refer to it as Thrifty beverage. No frills kind of place.

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              They’re essentially the only good one in the neighborhood since Cobble Heights Distributor (on Pacific bet. Boreum & Court) closed a month or so ago.