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Nov 13, 2007 08:26 AM

Casual b'day lunch near 13th and Fifth Ave?

Please recommend restaurant for Casual b'day lunch near 13th and Fifth Ave. Not Sushi. Thanks.

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    1. I third Otto. Casa Mono is another good one.

      1. Thanks. Any other ideas aside from pizza? It will just be two of us.

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          One of our favorites, Fleur de Sel, is on 20th, b/t B'way & 5th. Superb French cuisine, excellent service, and lovely ambiance. If cost is an issue, there's the 3-course prix-fixe for $29. You can dress very casually and still feel comfortable. A wonderful place for a celebratory lunch.

          Tocqueville, on 15th St., just east of 5th, is another good option for a special occasion lunch. Excellent French/New American cuisine served in understated elegant surroundings. Again, casual dress is o.k. The 3-course lunch prix-fixe is $24.

        2. Gonzo. Italian. Casual, lively, great ambience - 140 W 13th St.

          1. People have mixed opinions about it, but I like Mesa Grill for lunch. Also Union Square Cafe can be nice at lunch time as well. I think Blue Water Grill has a prix-fixe lunch...

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              I will second Mesa Grill. Outstanding flavors of food and fun atmosphere.

              BLT Fish Shack is awesome with great seafood (go to the casual part downstairs). You really feel like you are in a New England fish joint.

              Sala 19 is great tapas/Spanish place. Very underrated in my opinion.