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Nov 13, 2007 08:24 AM

Park Slope Restaurant (Not Pizza) Kid Friendly

Taking our D-i-L and two kiddies (11 and 2.5) out to dinner Wed. nite. She lives on 4th Street and PPW. Any suggestions CLOSE BY?

Not seafood, please. Price range $20-25pp


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  1. Pricier than you want, but Blue Ribbon Brooklyn is very kid friendly. Its a noisy enough place that noone would notice the kiddies. And with comfort food options like fried chicken (DELICIOUS) and burgers, its a good option.

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    1. re: elecsheep9

      Ya sure Blue Ribbon's under $25pp for a dinner? I think their dessert is the only worthwhile section of menu, but I also remember it being quite expensive for standard appetizer + entree fare.

      1. re: JFores

        I was clear in my opening phrase that Blue Ribbon is "pricier than [the OP] want[ed]". However, in my mind, it has a terrific selection of comfort-ish food that is sure to please both children and adults.

        Quite honestly, other Diners, pizza places, Chinese or Tempo on Sunday through Thursday, its getting increasingly hard to find ANYWHERE that is $25 pp for a dinner (and Tempo only works if you have water).

    2. Chip Shop, Thai Sky or Long Tan, or 12th Street Grill which is pricier but if you stick to burgers etc its very reasonable and the chicken fingers are good

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          2nd Bar Toto. I'll also add Johnny Macks at 12th St. and 8th Avenue.

      1. I know you said no pizza, but the Two Boots on 2nd or so (if it's still there) serves plenty of other things and can be extra kid friendly, to the point of being annoying to those without them.

        1. Park Slope Ale House.
          Cheaper and more casual than what you are after.
          Reliable pub grub.