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Nov 13, 2007 08:22 AM

Peter Luger for one, anyone ever order the Porterhouse for two for one

I might be there soon. Will the waiters give you quizzical looks if you order the Porterhouse for two and you're only one. How much beef is a Porterhouse for two, is it over two pounds less or what? I know it will be very expensive ordering this plus a side plus dessert plus some fine bordeaux? At least do they have any decent wines by the glass?


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  1. No one will look at you funny, they will give you a doggy bag which you will need as the steak for two is probably about two pounds. But don't be distressed, the steak is great cold the next day. A totally different, but equally wonderful taste treat. OTOH, their wine selection is small and very ordinary.

    1. I've done it. No weird looks, just a sort of laughing winking acknowledgment of my gluttony. A manly sort of admiration, in fact. Don't know about the wines though, since I usually have beer or scotch with my steak (what can I say, I'm old-fashioned...). The times I've looked at it though their list hasn't been very impressive.

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          i'm somewhat of a trencherman when it comes to good food, would an order of german fried potatoes, a steak for two (i'll probably leave about 20-25% of the steak on the plate to eat afterwards, should i reheat it, or do you just eat it cold afterwards kind of like a cold roast beef sandwich?), and a dessert with their shclag?

          does anyone also have an old link to the big dog's jim leff's review of the place with his mom from a coupla yrs back.

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            Steak for 2, side and dessert all for yourself? We're not worthy! (as he kneels to you). Funny thing is, I'm always OK until I pile on the shclag, and that's when I turn green.

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              A Luger porterhouse, according to their web site, averages 36-38 ounces prior to cooking, including the bone. A serious steak eater (and you know whether you are one) can easily finish this himself. The portion of home fries, however, is probably more than you'll want to eat in one sitting. Do try an onion roll (saving a piece for dipping in the pool of blood and butter) and consider ordering some creamed spinach.

              Since there's always some variation in the size of porterhouses, do you think they'd give a single diner one of the smallish ones?

        2. The best way to handle it is to tell them in advance you want half of your order packed to go.

          1. The original comment has been removed