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Nov 13, 2007 08:17 AM

New Year's Eve in Napa?

My husband and I will be spending Dec. 30th and Dec. 31st in the Napa area (staying in Yountville). Any recommendations on restaurants? We're looking for something more special on the 31st (perhaps a wine pairing menu). When we were there last year we went to Mustards, Bouchon and Redd and loved them all. I'm not against going back to any of them, but am up for new ideas too. Someone who lives up there recommended Farm for NYE, but it seems to get mixed reviews. Thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Check with Domaine Chandon - they put on quite a New Year's to-do...

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    1. re: Carrie 218

      Last year we went to their NYE party and it was really great. Good food, good party. I'm not sure if they are doing it again this year though.

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        The $275/pp price tag is just too much, I think. Though I don't know what the Farm is charging or if they're doing a special menu either...

    2. Any thoughts on Martini House?

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        Wonderful restaurant. Here's the events calendar with NYE listed:

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          love this place... so does dad, who recently relocated to carneros... we go every time i'm in napa...

        2. My wife and I also will be doing NYrs eve dinner in Napa. We have res at Martini House which has been recommended to me so often I am embarrassed it has taken so long to get there. However, despite message on link furnished by maria lorraine, I was told when reserving that this year they have decided not to do special NY eve dinner. But I am hoping for wild mushrooms anyway. Real question: ABC in Napa is closed NY Day--where do we have breakfast???

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            My husband and I, along with 2 other couples will be in Napa for NYE. We are staying at Carneros Inn and are scheduled to try FARM at the hotel. I have heard this is great- any info/reviews/opinions?
            we are also planning on trying Bistro don giovanni one night as well as lunch at bouchon and a brunch at fume.
            what do you think? any suggestions for NYD brunch?

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              One more thing, if you don't mind noisy, I'd reserve space at Mustard's for brunch.

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                We went to the Farm last Saturday night and had a wonderful time. The dining room is beautiful -- a bit more urban and upscale than many places in the Napa/Sonoma area. The chefs have been upgraded after some disappointing experience in late 06 early 07. Now, it's consistently excellent and very fun. The bar is open to midnite -- a rarity in a rural area.

                For brunch, The Carneros Inn has two good choices if you don't want to leave the hotel. The Boon Fly Cafe has a very loyal following among hotel guests and the local area. Fun, casual, excellent. The Hilltop is open to hotel guests only and has a magnificent view over the adjoining countryside. Beautiful, restful and good for brunch. Try the Bellinis.

                Have fun.

                1. re: cortez

                  Thanks for the advice! We are really excited about carneros!

            2. I just came from a week in St. Helena and the best food by far was at Terra in St. Helena. Elegant, quiet, and the food was truly divine. I had the black cod, marinated in sake and in a miso broth that was perfect with little shrimp stuffed wonton-dumplings that were delectable. My husband had the duck with a chestnut rissotto. Also marvellous. We ate at many more famous spots, Tra Vigne, Mustard's, and they were good but could not compare for ambiance and service. Another nice thing was that they let us taste the wine (we ordered by the glass), and when I didn't care for the white, the waiter listened to what I didn't like about it and poured a perfect one for me. Truly a wonderful experience.

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              1. re: yesfood

                I second Terra. A special place with special people. Also the best meal we've had in the Napa Valley

                1. re: lintygmom

                  For years, Terra has been my favorite.

                  The FL has been a two-time thing, something I don't need to repeat. Meadowood is now spectacular. Also Martini House. Those in my mind are the top four.

              2. Press in St. Helena is going to do a multi-course, wine pairing menu for New Year's. I believe it's going to be around $195 and will include wine/bottle of bubbly.

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                  That sounds good. I've had some very good meals at Press.