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Nov 13, 2007 08:05 AM

Specialty cake question (Balto)

So I need a smallish (to feed 6 to 8) cake for a birthday party in late November. I would like it to be delicious and made from **high quality ingredients**--don't really care how much I have to spend. It should also be quite beautiful, as it will be presented ceremonially at a large party. I also want it to be decorated in some fashion with little BEES, to reflect the nickname of the recipient. But in an elegant and pretty way, not a cartoony way. I live out of town and so it's hard for me to just hit the bakeries and talk to folks. I called Bonaparte Bakery and began the ordering process, but the person I spoke to did not jump to assure me that they could provide exactly what I desire. Rather, she said their chef would call me to confirm--but he or she has not. The party for which I need the cake is in Timonium, and also I need to get it from a place that is open on Sunday, as the party is on a Sunday. I'm willing to travel wherever I need to for the cake, but closer to Timonium would certainly be a plus... I would be grateful for any suggestions!

p.s. I am attaching a photo of the kind of cake that I am envisioning...


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  1. It's very hard to top Patisserie Poupon (E. Baltimore Street, near the Shot Tower), and I don't think Bonaparte really comes close. You should ask about the bees; it is a high quality shop and I expect they could do it. Not open Sunday, but a cake that size should fit comfortably in the fridge (or garage, depending on temperature).

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      I second Patisserie Poupon. They have a great variety of cakes that come in 6, 8, and 10 inch sizes. I would recommend ordering well in advance as this is a very busy time of year for them.

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        Bonjour, at Falls Road and Lake Ave, is at least equal in quality to Poupon, open on Sunday, and much more customer friendly.

    2. Patisserie Poupon is the way to go, although they're not open on Sun. So what. You will not be disappointed. My wedding cake was from there and I asked for marzipan shaped like citrus fruits on it (for a Sicilain pasta reale flair) and they did a fabulous job. Not only did it look great, but it was the best wedding cake anyone had had. Gorgeous & scrumptious. What's not to like?

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        Another vote for Patisserie Poupon.

      2. Another option that is open Sunday is The Main Ingredient Cafe in Annapolis.I have seen cakes like this. Check out their website.

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          1. have you checked out Ace of Cakes in Baltimore? Its just off Boston street in Canton. Its the guys from the Food Network, their stuff is awesome and they seem to cater to all sorts of events. Have you seen the show?

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              oh check this out! i found a link to the episodes of the show:
              let me know if you decide to use them, i have been thinking about getting my brothers 30th bday cake from them...

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                  thanks. new here, didnt think to look at that.

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                Also, Charm City Cakes (the actual name of the bakery on Ace of Cakes) isn't located in Canton. Unless it has moved recently, it is in Remington somewhere. The bakery in Canton is Cake Love, which also has a Food Network tie because its owner Warren Brown is host of Sugar Rush. But the two bakeries are completely unrelated other than that.