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Nov 13, 2007 07:55 AM

Please tell me I didn't make a mistake?

I'm responsible to book the office christmas party. 10 CPA's (not the funnest crowd), and their spouses (even worse). I booked Yamashiro's in Hollywood. Now I read all the bad reviews on this board. Any ideas on where to change it to? Total 20-25 people.

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  1. Anywhere but Yamashiro. Ick.

    Does it have to be in the same area? PRice range?

    I like Saddle Peak Lodge for a mountainy meaty meal.

    Is it lunch or dinner

    1. Does it have to be in the same neighborhood? I live nearby and take out of towners there for drinks all the time...view is great...maybe that's enough for that crowd...maybe they don't care about food like you do..order simply...and it will be unremarkable..but with a great view...and they may get a kick out of being there....if that's not enough..say the geographical parameters and we will all think about alternatives

      1. It would be nice to be in the same area. We are booked at the Laugh Factory for the 10 show. Anywhere in Hollywood that is a nice place would be good too.

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        1. re: NatC

          Voice of dissent as I think it is a fine spot for this kind of office gathering. The view is great and the setting is "special" in a kitschy kind of way.

          The food is okay if not outstanding. I think the problem is that for the price one can do better if one is a foodie but sometimes it's not completely about the food -- most office parties aren't -- at least in my experience.

          I would think a gathering of this sort would have a fine time and probably enjoy themselves -- I have been there for drinks a bit and for dinner once -- I just found it expensive for what it was -- not a horrendous gastronomic experience.

          1. re: blazedog

            I agree. Most people in the average office are not huge foodies and the setting is really special. We ate there around two years ago and everything was fine - tasty lamb chops, some grilled fish, a nice apple slaw, purple rice -- it all had that slightly sweet character that all "pan-Asian" food has, but that's common even at the better examples of this genre like Celadon. The crazy sushi rolls are fun too, although I would probably avoid the actual sushi.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              i feel much better now. I didnt even think that most people arent as critical of food as I am. I think it will be fine for the crowd. thanks for all your replys!

              1. re: NatC

                cross your fingers. I'm picky, but I wouldn't take someone I hated to Yamashiro.

                Then again, my brother in law loves it. He also loves El Torito and TGI Friday's

                1. re: NatC

                  I fully support your choice to stick with Yamashiro. Will be perfect for this crowd. Enjoy the view.

          2. Don't change it. Stick with your gut instincts. Trouble comes when we start changing and changing and changing. Everything will be alright, and everyone will be happy - especially after a few drinks.

            1. I bet there will nineteen to twenty-four people who won't notice. Just have fun!