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Nov 13, 2007 07:45 AM

Restaurant Wedding Reception - Calgary?

Any ideas on a place that would work for 60-80 people? I have been thinking about Wildwood, and I know Rouge does this. I'd love other ideas though, especially from those who have been to great private parties somewhere.

Thanks, chowhounds. :)

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  1. Most restaurants do this, it just depends on what type of atmosphere you're looking for. Either a private room (where you are separate from the actual restaurant), or booking out an entire restaurant. That, and the decor itself, are probably the two key decisions you need to make right off the bat. "trendy modern"? "rustic country"? A wedding

    For private rooms, there's a big thread on Christmas parties here: that goes into details on private rooms.

    For entire restaurants, pretty much all of them will close for a big enough party spending sufficient dollars. They all pretty much establish a minimum of $x, and then charge you only for what you consume (and occasionally a gratuity included as well). Some suggestions off the top of my head - i think 60-80 might be too big a party for Capo. Eight or Brava would both be roughly the right size on 17th Ave, so would Living Room though im guessing (purely speculative here) that their minimums would be higher because they are open later and draw so much after dinner crowd. Raw Bar would be hip and trendy. Rouge and Wildwood both would work. Places like the Ranche. And of course, Divino (which has private rooms for up to 100), Belvedere, Teatro, and Tribune all would as well. Im going to Mile One tonight, and the space looks like it might work too - if it is, i'll report back.

    Really, I'd just pick the restaurants where you like the food best, and just give them a call and see what their minimums are for shutting down. Make sure they are big enough to accomodate whatever special requirements you might have for a dinner reception (podium, head table, dance floor, etc...), and go from there. GL!

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      This is great, yen - thanks so much for the comprehensive response! I really appreciate it. Lots to work with here.

      (If you have any ideas for Banff, I'd love them too!) ;)

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        I was at a wedding/wedding reception last year at Buffalo Mountain Lodge and I thought they did a pretty good job.

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          Well, I know that Fuze does weddings as I bumped into a bride in full-on meringue dress in the washrooms there back in August. I'm guessing they must have a private room as there was no sign of anyone else in the restaurant. The food was great too, although the place was pretty empty

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            If memory serves me correctly, Fuze has a couple of "private rooms".

            One immediately adjacent to the kitchen which has a window in the wall so you can see but not hear what is going on at the stoves and vice versa.

            The second would be the one where they have their cooking school/presentation kitchen set up.

            I too enjoyed their food but have only been there the one time.

      2. Another place to look into could be the Lougheed House. I know that one of their rooms holds approximately 80 people. The beautiful garden and mansion setting would be wonderful for more traditional or romantic feel.