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Nov 13, 2007 07:40 AM

PC Insider's Report

Hi All!

Has anyone tried any of the new items in the recently released Insider's Report?

Would love to hear any reviews......Thanks!

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  1. I tried the frozen PC Dim Sum last night, despite reading "Made in China" on two of the three varieties in the package.

    They weren't bad, but I think I over steamed them a bit.

    Also tried the coconut shrimp which were pretty good as well...

    1. I tried the General Tso's Chicken-flavoured potato chips. They taste good, but not particularly different from regular barbecue chips (less heat, a bit more sweetness). Also bought the Schezuan (sp?) flavour, have yet to try it.

      1. I tried the new Smokin' Stampede ripple chips. They are really really good. Nice heat, really smoky, tastes a lot like bbq sauce! yum!

        1. I second icey's comment. Great chips.

          1. Tried the Buffalo Chicken Wings and Blue Cheese chips. Pretty good.