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PC Insider's Report

Hi All!

Has anyone tried any of the new items in the recently released Insider's Report?

Would love to hear any reviews......Thanks!

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  1. I tried the frozen PC Dim Sum last night, despite reading "Made in China" on two of the three varieties in the package.

    They weren't bad, but I think I over steamed them a bit.

    Also tried the coconut shrimp which were pretty good as well...

    1. I tried the General Tso's Chicken-flavoured potato chips. They taste good, but not particularly different from regular barbecue chips (less heat, a bit more sweetness). Also bought the Schezuan (sp?) flavour, have yet to try it.

      1. I tried the new Smokin' Stampede ripple chips. They are really really good. Nice heat, really smoky, tastes a lot like bbq sauce! yum!

        1. I second icey's comment. Great chips.

          1. Tried the Buffalo Chicken Wings and Blue Cheese chips. Pretty good.

            1. Had the Smokin' Stampede and the Buffalo Chicken Wings and Blue Cheese. Thought both were excellent. Decided I can't buy them again cause they are just too good.

              Oh and I thought that the price was right. Can't seem to find chips for under $2 anymore, and these were $1.50 a bag.

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                I tried the Buffalo Wings & Bleu Cheese flavour too and really enjoyed them. Nice crunch, zippy flavour...love the price too! I'm intrigued to try the rest of the flavours.

                I'm intrigued to try the lemon tart and chocolate tart after embee's review....sounds great.

                Has anyone tried the new fresh ravioli flavours? I think there are 3 different flavours....walnut/gorgonzola is the only one I can remember at the moment.

                Also intrigued about the pizzas and dulche de leche spread.....keep seeing it on the adverts on top of waffles, and makes my mouth water!

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                  My friend had a bag of the Buffalo Wings flavour around so I tried them, and liked them. I have to admit that I'm very intrigued by the General Tsao's chicken flavour... although I would like a more pure chicken flavoured chip that also doesn't taste like a bullion cube.

              2. They seem to have revived some of their old pizazz and their original focus on stuff where you can pronounce all of the ingredients. Now they just need a 2007 version of Dave Nichol to sell it. (Galen Weston telling us that reusable bags will be H_U_G_E isn't it!)

                The frozen lemon tart is fabulous. Its companion chocolate tart is very good. They'd be insane not to keep these permanently.

                The 99 cent pasta is very good, though its value is an unknown until we see the "regular" price.

                The cookies (featured on the cover) are not bad, but they are disappointing. After tasting the lemon tart and seeing the ingredients list on the cookie bags, I was expecting a high-end, home made style cookie. They aren't in that league, but I appreciate that they aren't excessively sweet. The chocolate chip version has good chocolate. The pecan shortbread lacks the buttery hit I expect in a shortbread.

                I don't much like flavoured chips. That said, I tried the General Tao Chicken chips. There is no flavour in these chips that I would associate with any General Tao recipe I've ever eaten. The chips themselves are fine and they don't have the metallic undertone present in many of these products.

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                  Tried the Lemon Tart today... have to agree with embee, it is fabulous. And for what it is worth, I used to be a professional party chef.

                  I have to try the chocolate one now, and for sure they should make them permanent additions. In fact, why don't more of these seasonal products become more available?

                2. We've now tried the new frozen chocolate layer cake. Those frozen tarts really spoiled -us because, as with the all butter cookies, we were expecting more of the same. Perhaps that's just asking too much.

                  This layer cake is much sweeter than the tarts or the cookies. The frosting isn't real buttercream. It's not "gourmet". So I'll ratchet down my critique to compare it with stuff at a lower level. On this basis, it succeeds.

                  Using the products typically sold at a Loblaw's bakery counter as the reference point, this cake is better. But it isn't a "great" cake, as the Insider's Report trumpets. It is, however, leagues ahead of the "sheet cakes" so common at office and birthday parties. The Insider's Report emphasis on decorating tips suggests that this is the real basis for comparison. It won't serve a big party, but it probably costs about the same to buy several of these vs one sheet cake. If you aren't lazy, and you buy a few and decorate them yourself, your taste buds will be happier. While it's a bit too sweet for us, those of you with more of a sweet tooth will probably like it. It is less sweet than similar cakes, so someone IS listening. And the layer cake is kid-friendly -- the chocolate tart probably isn't.

                  In summation, no terrible flaws viewed as a mass market chocolate cake, and a good value as well. However, we won't be getting this one again.

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                  1. re: embee

                    I've made a note to try the Fig and Goat Cheese Blooms...they sound yummy!

                  2. We tried the Walnut and Gorgonzola ravioli last night and quite enjoyed them. Very full pillows bursting with lots of flavour....although, a bit too salty for my liking.

                    I enjoyed the flavour combination....paired with a simple, tangy tomato sauce and it hit the spot. Definitely recommend them!

                    Can't remember what the other flavours are, but would absolutely try them.

                    1. The mushroom tortelloni were pretty good. Indeed, the flavour of the mushrooms was definitely noticeable, which is often not the case with beautiful looking, expensive filled pasta from pretentious stores. And they take about two minutes to cook. We had this in a sauce made from shallots, white wine, cream, chicken stock, and three kinds of cheese, which can mask a lot of sins and make tasteless pasta palatable. But we WILL get these again.

                      We had a similar experience with the margherita pizza. The idea of the crust being "hand stretched" by real live pizza "artisans" is a bit of a stretch [sorry - couldn't resist]. But it's a decent quick gratification meal. The cracker style crust isn't shatteringly crisp, but it's okay for a frozen dinner. The sauce is also okay, the cheese above average, and the marinated tomato pieces very good. As with the tortelloni, I can't really rate it out of the box, since we added quite a bit of good asiago and drizzled it with blood orange olive oil. But we will likely keep one of these in the freezer for an emergency meal.

                      1. We tried the dim sum the other night - not bad. It's a good option for us who live in the land of no dim sum... helps me with my cravings ;)

                            1. re: gyp7318

                              yeah, it was mysterious to me, too.

                            2. The maple butter fudge is very good... all natural. I wanted to try the dulce de leche spread (to spare myself from potential pressure cooker tragedy), but there is artificial flavor in it. too bad.

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                              1. re: alex8alot

                                Both layer cakes chocolate and vanilla were very disappointing. They advertise buttercream frostings and it doesn't taste similar to that at all. I would never get it again plus it is very costly too. I didn't care much for the flavored chips either. I really love their Candy Cane Crackle Ice cream but I don't believe that is a new product from PC.

                                1. re: callitasicit

                                  Those frostings are definitely not real buttercream. We were quite disappointed about this.

                              2. Since it was on sale at No Frills, I tried the PC Campania Four Seasons Pizza last night. You know... prosciutto (winter), portobello mushrooms in balsamic vinegar (autumn), roasted red peppers (summer) and asparagus (spring).

                                What's the season for crap? Bar none the absolute worst pizza I have ever eaten. I threw half of it out. The other half was grudgingly eaten since prepping a new dinner was not an option.

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                                1. re: Googs

                                  Those pizzas are so overrated as you probably have already figured out. I also don't understand the fascination with wood oven thin crust pizza unless they are done right don't make them at all.

                                  1. re: Googs

                                    unfortunately, crap is seasonless!

                                  2. Anyone tried the PC Chicago deep dish pizza? Any good?

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                                    1. re: Roberto7

                                      Depends on how much fat you can consume in a single sitting. I found it to be disgusting in that regard.

                                      1. re: Googs

                                        i tried the butter chicken today. I made it into a bigger meal by adding more chicken, celery and veggies. The sauce goes great over rice. My children ate it all up. One ate it with rice. the other had it with roti.

                                        The blackcurrant soda is also very good.

                                        1. re: caitlink

                                          i also liked the blackcurrant soda, but it has aspartame...drawback for splenda people.

                                    2. I enjoyed the szechuan chips...a friend had the fig and goat cheese blooms over x-mas and for some reason they remained a soggy mess no matter how long she cooked them.

                                      These might not be new, but i enjoy the chana masala, aloo gobi and some of the associated rices in that line.

                                      Even take out sushi is at least an hour away from me, and i kind of enjoyed the frozen sushi by PC. Only thing was that it was only california rolls.