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Nov 13, 2007 07:37 AM

Angela's and Beto's

Got takeout from both last Friday night. From Angela's we got the guacamole(consistently to die for) which when they pack it up they throw one of the avacado pits in, which Luis says helps keep the guac from going brown. We also got the ceviche tostada, the chilaquiles, and the chicken mole enchiladas. Everything was delicious as usual, though the chilaquiles were a little spicy for my crews tastes ( we got them with the green sauce). Does anyone know if there is muck of a spice different between the red and green.

Also of note, Luis indicated that business had slowed down in the last few weeks. To bring that home, it was a Friday at 6:30 and there was only one table eating.

Tried the aji de gallina from Betos. Would have gotten a chicken, but I had roast chicken for lunch. The aji de gallina was yummy. Of note, I have almost always had it where the chicken is shredded. In this case, it was in pieces. Affected the consistency a little bit. There was a green aji sauce on the side which a good flavor and a little bit of a kick. Also got a package of alfajores, which I will need at some point to compare to the ones I have gotten at Rincon Limeno. Has anyone tried the chicken at Betos?

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  1. //they throw one of the avacado pits in, which Luis says helps keep the guac from going brown. //

    It very well might be an old wives' tale, but when I went to college in Los Angeles, my Hispanic roommate always did the same thing (learned from his mother).

    Strangely, the guac never turned brown.

    Of course, it never lasted for more than 5 minutes either, but still.

    1. What towns are these places located in?

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        My bad. They're both in East Boston.

        1. re: BillieJean

          Here are links with maps/addresses:

          Pollos a La Brasa Betos
          69 Bennington St, Boston, MA 02128

          Angela's Cafe
          131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

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            thanks so much for the links. i just had dinner at angela's and, while it was early and a tuesday night, we were the only ones there. this place is so good it deserves not only to survive and thrive but to be written up everywhere for the quality and integrity of its food. We had the guac (outstandingly fresh with great homemade chips) wonderful tinga taco and a great pork/chipotle/onion thingee wrapped in a soft tortilla - only wish we could have eaten more! go! tell your friends to go!

            1. re: teezeetoo

              I love Angela's too. We went recently on a Friday night and I was surprised also that there weren't more people - just two other tables besides us. Last Wednesday was pleasantly full when we arrived, though thinned out a bit later (we were planning to go tonight since they have live music again, but friends invited us out). Hopefully we can make our weekly visit this Friday for lunch. I can't rave about this wonderful spot more, and yes, we do go regularly, and tell everyone about it!

              Last week's visit:

              1. re: Rubee

                Ach. I'm worried .. I fear that with the impending cold weather, people might be less likely to visit Angela's. I better do my part and get there soon ... it's REALLY easy to drive there from 93, if the whole blue line thing scares people off.

                1. re: yumyum

                  and an added bonus is i've never had any trouble finding parking and i always drive there.