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Nov 13, 2007 07:28 AM

Most overrated NOLA restaurants

I have never been overly impressed with Dick & Jenny's.

Thoughts on other overrated restaurants so I can avoid them?

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  1. Ooh, breakfast at Brennan's gets my #1 vote. #2 is Mosca's. Flame away, y'all.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Breakfast at Brennan's for sure - I wish I could just sit at the bar and order the Eggs Nouvelle Orléans without the extras or the side show.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Agree with HungryCeleste . ..also, Bayonna, Delmonico, Emeril's, NOLA,, Jacques-Imos , Upperline.

        1. re: JazzyB

          1) I wouldn't agree with Bayona.

          2) Upperline is, in a sense, New Orleans' version of Chez Panisse: it was cutting edge when first opened, but it exists in sort of a time war unchanged and very good, but others have surpassed it.

          1. re: JazzyB

            I would disagree with Bayone as well.

            Jacques is what it is, a lot of good fried and heavy food in a fun and casual atmosphere. It is not fine dining, but does not hold itself out to be.

            Also, I know some people have problems with Emeril's but I have had nothing but great experiences there. If anything, I say it gets knocked a little too much.

          2. re: Hungry Celeste

            Mosca's OVERrated ????? Of all the places you could say that about and you pick Mosca's ???

            My first post since K

            1. re: ezron

              Welcome back. Sorry EZ, difference of opinion is what makes the world go 'round. I always leave Mosca's feeling ripped off ($32 for TEN bbq shrimp? In a year when shrimpers are half-starving due to ridiculously low prices?) and regretting that I didn't just go to the grocery and cook at home. They're not doing anything in that kitchen that I can't do in my own. Still, the little sesame seeded rolls in the breadbasket are damn good.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                Besh Steakhouse BBQ Shrimp Appetizer is $20, but the shrimp are huge and with bread, its enough for an entree. Best BBQ shrimp I've had.

                Back on topic, I think the following places are overrated:

                Dick and Jennys - though supposedly they have new owners, never had an interesting meal at Emerils Warehouse District (though not NOLA, which I feel is underrated), Herbsaint - my hanger steak was bleh and top 40 in the US on Gayot?? Top 50 in Gourmet? Really? I can think of 50 places i've had better meals at. GW Fins was a disappointment as well.

                Oh, and Upperline has a fish entree on their menu that was USA Today's best dish of like 2003 or something. Must have been a down year - Its basically just fish seasoned with cayenne. Thats it.

              2. re: ezron

                I second Mosca's. Used to be a favorite for YEARS. Went back and all thought it was outright lousy. Food is easily duplicated ( i.e .improved) at home.

              3. re: Hungry Celeste

                I completely agree...Everyone raves about Mosca's and I just don't get it.

              4. Commander's gets my vote. Never had a good meal there. I always feel like I can do much better at home...and for the price, it just doesn't work for me.

                1. I'll get bashed for this, but Clancy's. It's perfectly fine - but for the price, I feel like I can get much better meals elsewhere.

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                  1. re: Burgoober

                    Clancy's is an overated, overpriced, noisy fraternity house. There are many, many better restaurants in New Orleans. Losing reservations is a hallmark of this place.
                    If dining in a vulgarity filled room is to your liking this is your place.

                    1. re: State St.

                      Back when I went there, all the chat was about the fried oyster and brie appetizer, like it was really something special. I got a small plate of fried oysters with a cold slice of brie laying on each oyster. I thought, "Huh?" (I assume it was supposed to have been melted, but still, "Huh?")

                    2. re: Burgoober

                      Saying Brennan's is over-rated is like shooting fish in a barrel.

                      Amen to Clancy's being over-rated.

                      Mother's is over-priced and the server's are surly but that doesn't bother me so much as the feeling that no one there gives a damn.

                      However, I can NOT get down with the Domilese bashing - I love their shrimp po-boy. The gravy has set the standard for roast-beef po-boys for me for years.

                    3. Great topic! I'm with Hungry Celeste on Brennan's all the way.

                      1. Emeril's, Delmonico's, NOLA

                        Jacques-Imo's, Acme (except for sitting at the bar and eating frest oysters), Mother's

                        Commander's if you're a tourist (but not if you're a regular and have your own waiter to take care of you)

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                        1. re: Blumie

                          I don't know if Jacques-Imos is one of the most overrated but had the bbq shrimp last week and was significantly underwhelmed. They used old shrimp ( peeled a long while ago) so that the shrimp when cooked were mushy. They take the middle shell off leaving the head and tail shell on and probably did so days before (that is why the shrim was mushy). Whereas other places, the shrimp are plump and have texture, Jacques-Imos' didn't. A few days later went to Deanies (by French Quarter) and it was a revelation -served with full shell and heads. Absolutely delicious. Everything BBQ shrimp shd be and wasn't at Jacques-Imo. The other food there was good, however, but not blown away. Deanies' bbq shrimp does blow you away, however. Ordered the appetizer portion for lunch, and served with baguette which was more than enough. Can't really comment on rest of Deanie's food because didn't have any. However, it is worth a trip just for the shrimp. Beware that you are going to have to work at it but it is worth it\!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

                          1. re: dec111

                            Which Deanies? The one on Annunciation? Or the one IN the FQ on Iberville? And for those that dont know, these restaurants are NOT related. The Deanies on Annunciation is kind of like Mother's in the sense that it has plate lunches and po-boys (much cheaper than mothers) and the Deanies in the Quarter is related to the Deanies in Bucktown (same exact menu). I prefer the Deanies on Annuciation but they are really different restaurants so its not a fair comparison.

                            1. re: indiwaiter

                              The Deanies in FQ. I cannot speak to the rest of the menu but the BBQ shrimp was amazing.

                              I would add Cochon for lunch as most over-rated restaurant. I know it made the NY Times recently as a Top restaurant but don't understand it. My husband ordered the smothered chicken which was a lackluster (looked like a pigeon meat bec it it was so small) thigh in a ramekin as an entree, for not so cheap. The gravy was thin and watery , without flavor.

                              The waiter was nice but when he asked how everything was we were honest but he offered nothing but surprise.

                              The rest of the food was nothing to write home about. While they use local ingredients, there is not much that is really memorable or a must come back dish.

                              Not to be a New York City snob but Cochon would last barely one week in NYC. Any soul food restaurant in Harlem or Bed-Stuy would cook circles around Cochon's smothered chicken for half the price. In terms of creativity, I could go down the street and find a half dozen restaurants that are more creative and tastier. Save your money. There are plenty of great restaurants in NOLA.

                              1. re: dec111

                                I live here in NOLA and my husband and I were very underwhelmed by Cochon. I don't understand why people like it so much. Although, I've only been there one time in all fairness.

                          2. re: Blumie

                            Mother's -- for sure. i think they may have been good about 30 years ago, but today the roast beef has nothing on the stories of yore. pretty watery & bland, really. yet, that doesnt stop dozens of first-timers from lining up outside it...

                            1. re: kibbles

                              I second the vote for Mother's. There were at least 30 people outside in line today. They've got some good PR people!!! The food is not good.

                              1. re: kibbles

                                "First-timers"?? My in-laws want to eat there every single time they visit. Every time I stand there thinking, "why am I in line for this place?" I will say they were fabulous for my Rehearsal Dinner, though. Just not worth the wait for a regular dinner.

                                1. re: briox

                                  yes, most of their customers are first-timers - tourists who read about it from a travel guide, etc.

                              2. re: Blumie

                                There's no such thing as "your own waiter" at Commander's. You're confusing it with Galatoire's and Antoine's.