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Nov 13, 2007 07:18 AM

Where to buy Duck ?

A friend of mine is looking to buy duck (butcher or supermarket)
He is in Rosedale - but willing to travel -
good quality - reasonably priced -
i was wondering - would Hmart or one of the Korean Supermarkets have them?

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  1. This shouldnt be a challenge to get at any decent butcher.

    In cobble hill, I've seen them at both Paisanos and Staubitz, for instance.

    1. Don't remember if I saw it in H-Mart, but definitely saw it in Hong Kong Market on Main Street in downtown Flushing. I would lay odds that there are other markets in that area that carry it as well. Have also seen it in some non-ethnic supermarkets, though exactly where escapes me at the moment, but Hong Kong Market was a few dollars cheaper and it's a lot more fun to wander around than Waldbaum's or Pathmark.

      1. Fresh duck can be had at the Union Square Green Market on Saturday...think the vendors name is Quatro Farms.