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Nov 13, 2007 07:13 AM

Trimurti Indian Restaurant @ Queen and University --- Reviews/Recommendations anyone?

Anyone have a review on this place?

Any recommendations (ie. what to order)? How are the Goan dishes?

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  1. If you click on the place link and scroll down, you'll see several threads mentioning Trimurti - maybe not a full review but some helpful comments....

    265 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z4, CA

    1. I think they serve a respectable lunch buffet for a good price. It's obviously not going to stand up to the quality of dinner, but does provide a good variety if you're dining alone. I do think it favours comparably well against Babur (for lunch) in terms of quality/price.

      I've been to the other indian places beside Trimurti but it's been a long time so I don't really remember that well.

      1. Mr. Rabbit and I had dinner at Trimurti tonight. I've been before and had good luck, but tonight it was a total disappoint. Food was merely OK, and service was terrible (slow and generally sloppy).

        We were seated and greeted immediately. We ordered the gosht saag (lamb with spinach and spices), nauratan korma (veggies with cashew sauce and fruit), tandoori eggplant with tomatoes and spices, along with some rice and some nan.

        We waited so long for our meal that the table besides us finished mains, worked their way through dessert, cleared their tab and left. We finally asked whether we'd been forgotten as the table behind us received their dinners (they'd come in significantly after after us). Our food eventually arrived, with some lame explanation about how busy they were with takeout orders, but it had been about 40-minutes and we were seriously getting ready to forget it and have a slice across the street.

        The food... lamb was OK, very tender. The fruit and veg dish was also OK, but nothing special. The eggplant was quite good and it was especially nice with the nan (the bread was very good!). The rice was totally unremarkable (not that rice should be really special, but it still wasn't great). The food was tasty enough, but it lacked the real punch and spice that we were looking for and which usually makes Indian so special and great.

        For $35 it would have been OK - but the ruinous service took the meal from mediocre to a decidedly "bad experience." We were both tired and sour by the time we finally got outta there.

        On a strip where there are four Indian restos within a block, this was just not good enough for a repeat or a recommend. Actually, we'll be actively avoiding in future.

        1. Had the lunch buffet at Trimurti today. Was looking forward to it, as reviews on here have been generally quite positive. It was a disappointment. Food was lukewarm and merely mediocre. Service was also underwhelming. Although we were provided with water and, to be fair, given regular refills, no came by to take a proper drink order. Near the end of the meal, we flagged down a waiter to order tea and the tea didn't come. Eventually, having to get back to work, we had to cancel the order. Although other CHers seem to disagree, I prefer the buffet at Babur.

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            Indian buffets in Toronto aren't necessarily representative of what the kitchen is like. A steam table will potentially destroy any food.
            I NEVER go for the buffet at Trimurti - but I'm a regular for their standard menu. Great food for relatively little cost.

            1. re: estufarian

              Estufarian had suggested Trimurti, some time back, and we have been going occasionally for several years.
              It isn't Tabla, but for the price,we have always enjoyed our meals there.
              I prefer it to any I have tried in this price range.
              We never eat buffet, so I can't comment on this aspect of their food..
              We do go to Babur as well, but in my opinion Trimurti is better overall, especially for vegetarian dishes.

          2. I enjoy Trimurti a lot. Used to frequent the place with my last girlfriend who is a Vegetarian and found a lot of good options here. The Tandoori Gobi is especially interesting, basically a Giant Cauliflower head cooked in Tandoori spices that comes out of the kitchen looking like a big red, steaming brain! Excellent, depending on how fresh the cauliflower is. I also quite like their Baingain Bharta (Eggplant)