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Nov 13, 2007 07:04 AM

Oysters, martini, steak, wine

HI, my husband and I love oysters, I love a good cold perfect martini and he likes his steak and red wine...Any place to suggest for a Monday night dinner, when we are both in NYC for business.

Also, do you think Union Square Cafe still interesting...our hotel is next to it and we thgought we'd go in for a bite when we land Sunday night

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  1. Keens for your Monday dinner

    1. i think for the price, yr better off skipping union square cafe and going to gotham on 12th and university...

      as for steak and martinis, right across from gotham is strip house...intimate steak house thats just top notch for food. its all a 5 minute walk from union square.

      1. Good oysters plus good steak, hmm. The first place that comes to mind is the Redeye Grill, 7th Ave & 56th. The oysters are usually good, but have never tried their red meat.

        1. Any good steakhouse (not Redeye Grill) is going to have good oysters. It really depends on what type of steak you like and what type of setting you are looking for. Porterhouse - go to Wolfgang's (33rd St or Greenwich St.). Sirloin in an old school NY setting - Spark's. Younger vibe downtown - StripHouse is good. Younger vibe uptown - Del Frisco's. Really old school - Keen's

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          1. if price is not an issue, then I will suggest Craftsteak which will allow you to have both oysters ( very fresh, albeit pricey), and of course all kinds of steaks. Despite not being a seafood restaurant, their raw bar is incredibly fresh with a lot of variety, and I will put it up there with one of the best seafood joints in town (e.g. Aquagrill). Then there are all these amazing cold and hot appetizers, entrees, seafood, and vegetables. The ony drawback is that it is very expensive. If you are using expense account, this IS the place to go.

            USC is not as good as it used to be, so instead of going there, I will suggest Eleven Madison Park or Gramercy Tavern instead. About the same price range, but much better food.