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Nov 13, 2007 06:49 AM

Encounter @ LAX Open Again

The LA Times reported that the Encounter restaurant in the Theme Building has reopened for business after being closed since March of this year when a 1000 lb. exterior stucco pieces fell off the building and struck the ground (luckily without injuring anyone). While the food is not the best the drinks are fine and the view is worth stopping in for. The other good news is that the observation deck which has been closed since the attacks of 9/11 is also going to reopen as well as soon as all the exterior renovations are complete.

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  1. YAY! I love that place! So fun and funky inside, and I actually really enjoyed my food there -- I had a Father's Day lunch with the family (I'm the daughter), and I had the Saturn Caesar salad rings with this giant one-piece "crouton" in the center of the romaine rings -- really surprisingly good.

    1. I am already invited to a birthday dinner there this coming Saturday - I wonder if the menu has changed?

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        I doubt very strongly that the menu has changed. The best luck I have had there in terms of food has been with very simple items like their filet mignon. I look forward to reading your review after the party.

      2. Here's a link to the menu. I've had some pretty good food there and also some bad, but it's always a fun time. I'll definitely be looking forward to your report.

        1. So Encounters gets added to the list of "only in LA" restaurants to take out-of-towners to?

          1. Hopefully they've drastically revamped the interior. I remember it being surreally bad. I'm all for a mod/lounge/60's vibe, but this was more like a bad Barbarella acid trip.

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              Oh, I love the interior. It's totally super campy Jetson's vibe. And I drove by Sunday night after dropping a friend off at the airport. The lights were on inside and it appears very much the same. Looks like they got new furniture, though.


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                eh, I kinda liked the bad Barbarella acid trip. heheh