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Nov 13, 2007 06:39 AM

Garden Grille Cafe? (Pawtucket)

I frequented this place (in Pawtucket but minutes from the East Side, just after Hope Street turns to East) about ten years ago but I haven't been since returning to RI. How is the food now? Any must-order-items? Any special deals or great times to visit? thanks-- might check it out this week, so I'd like the CH perspective first.

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  1. I haven't been in about 9 mo, maybe a year, but it was always FANTASTIC. Weirdly apathetic service but I chose to ignore that. The owner is very nice, it's the waitstaff who are overly "hipster cool". They now serve alcohol (organic wine & beer). I stopped going because it was close to my old job and I was so hooked, I was spending about $50/wk just at that one place. My wallet couldn't take it.

    1. My wife is a vegatarian and we both really dig this place. I agree about the service...more amusing than annoying. Their Veg chili (special) is about as good as gets, and their pizza used to be my favorite (even if there was no meat). Then they switched to whole-wheat crust and now it is not that good. But all in all I never thought i would like a veg place, but everything I have tried I have liked (except the new pizza). Also if you are in a meat mood...LJs BBQ in the same plaza is very good.

      1. I'm a big fan of their quesadillas. Yummy, yummy. We were there recently for a lunch meeting, and I was very impressed with the size and quality of ingredients in the salads that a few people ordered.

        Just keep in mind...DON'T feed the doggie! His owner (the owner of the GG) doesn't allow it, no matter how adorable he acts.

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          Yes the butternut squash quesadilla w/black beans is great (was? still is I hope). Also the grilled asparagus wrap. OMG.

          basachs, I agree Rasoi is excellent but one is not always in the mood for Indian food.

          1. re: JaneRI

            We had the butternut squash quesadilla last night and it was outstanding...

            - Garris

            1. re: Garris

              I wonder if I've made sufficient progress in my recovery to allow myself a trip there? I think so. ONE quesadilla isn't going to hurt anything....

              1. re: JaneRI

                Mwah ha ha ha -- watch out! Per CH rec (on the Mineral Spring Ave thread), I tried Pauly Penta's Deli this week and I can easily see the $50/week thing happening to me too-- you know, I can see myself falling into a dangerous habit where my car just drives there -- hey, who can stop a car that knows a great deli? :)

                1. re: JaneRI

        're playing with fire on that one.

                  Please be careful, and bring a friend along to ensure that you really only eat ONE!

                  1. re: GabachaYucateca

                    Haha - the one time I brought a friend there, it was my picky friend who made me promise I'd never again bring her anywhere where the word "chicken" was in quotes.

          2. I have never liked it. Went a few times and found the food to just be okay. Much prefer Rasoi next door for veggie...

            1. think you'd be shocked at the transformation - last time i was there was also 'bout 10 years ago - more-or-less a glorified cafe/juice bar. it's got a new look, expanded menu, liquor license. like JaneRI sez - very consistent, excellent food.

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                It's really quite stunning, what with the dearth of restaurant choices in Pawtucket, that there are three places that I love (and many others love) in the same, ugly plaza!

                JaneRI...the squash quesadillas are still delish...and several people in my party ordered the wrap you mentioned, and were thrilled.