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Nov 13, 2007 06:38 AM

Clubhouse Cafe

Hi Hounders. Any reviews or recommendations?

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  1. I'm heading there tomorrow night and will post a review if no one else has by then. I'm excited about the concept though.

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      it's a bit high priced -- it's good to meet friends for drinks or wine -- and grab a bite also -- but i wouldn't go for a meal.

    2. I was at the Clubhouse tonight with a bunch of friends. The prices were what I expected. Drinks were very typical for a NYC bar. For food it was about $8 per appetizer, sandwiches $10-$15 and entrees were $15-25. The sandwiches seemed to really lack in the meat department, very heavy on the vegetables/fillers. As for the entrees, two people next to me ordered steak, both indicated that they like it cooked “medium” one steak came rare and the other well done. Another in our party ordered fish and chips however; the waiter explained that chips weren’t allowed because they were fried with the meat and that because it was a kosher restaurant, these fries can’t be served with fish. By the way, when the fish came, it was baked and not fried. The service was very spotty, it took over 5 minutes for the first person to be served at our table to the last person to be served and they waiters rushed to clear your plate the second you finished eating while others at the table were still dining, a big no-no at a “normal” restaurant. Also the bathrooms could have been cleaner. Lastly, they were out of many things on the menu such as the banana split and the southern fried chicken. Considering that this was the first week that the place was open, I was very disappointed. Physically the space was nice, the atmosphere was great, and the ambiance was very hip. This all being said, the food was good but not great and I am willing to give it a second try.

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        My wife went for lunch yesterday and was very impressed. She had the sandwich and enjoyed it very much. I didn't ask her about the amount of meat in the sandwich but it was a lunch meal so I guess more veges than meat isn't bad. She said the atmosphere was that of a "Hip and Chic" joint, and was impressed by the menu.
        As for the fish and chips, her co worker had asked for it but the waiter (who was very on top of his game she said) explained that they had not recieved their fish fryer yet and were unlable to cook it with the fries........The fact that they served you Fish and Chips, baked is not a smart move. Try it for lunch when the crowd is small and let us know if its better.

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          Thanks for your reply, it makes me feel better to know that they will have a a fish fryer!

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          I went last night (11/15) with a group of friends- and based on the descriptions here, everything was to be expected. 3 in our party ordered the potroast (which is chunks of meat served with the glazed root veggies)- these people commented that they would have to go home and have a real dinner, as the portion size is reminiscent of an appetizer. The duck empenadas were nice and the dogs cret--- i.e. pigs in a blanket were nothing special. Entree size for the steak was also on the small side-- for this I'd prefer Le Marais, due to the size and ability to substitute the fries for another side dish.
          Drinks- nice variety. I ordered a red sangria and friends ordered other drinks and enjoyed. We mentioned that we were celebrating a friend's birthday and we were brought wine glasses with an anise drink (not arak, but similar tasting) with coffee beans.
          Dessert- one was ordered the apple pie a la mode with chocolate sauce and it was devoured.

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            One thing I don't understand about these reviews. Is Clubhouse Cafe a bar or a restaurant? If it's a restaurant then comparison to Le Marais and other restaurants in the area is fair game, but it should be advertised as a restaurant. If it's a bar, then why do people go in there ordering full dinners. Get a drink or two and an appetizer/bar food, but don't expect it to be Le Marais.

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                Sounds like a "Bar & Grill" to me, which is a standard genre of nonkosher restaurant, so why not kosher? Of course, they typical nonkosher bar and grill gives lots of food- thick juicy steaks and chops burgers and bangers- and lots of fries and other carbs. Of course, nonJEws typically drink a lot more alcohol than Jews, so a bar & grill with a large bar may not be the best use of space for the Jewish audience, but there's certainly nothing wrong with solid bar fare.

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                  Of course, nonJEws typically drink a lot more alcohol than Jews,

                  a rather prejudicial remark.....don't you think?

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          1. I stopped by last night and it was closed. Anyone know why?

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            1. my husband and i just had lunch there to celebrate our wedding anniversary....he ordered the french dip prime rib au jus which was more like a sandwich steak thickness and did not come with anything to dip into...after asking what the difference between the grilled chicken and roasted chicken sandwich and being told "one is grilled and one is roasted" (i meant about the flavor) i chose the roasted chicken sandwich which was more like boiled or one came by during our meal to see how things were. on a positive note they had very good olive bread, but of course that is not what we went there for. we will not be giving it a second chance....