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Nov 13, 2007 05:55 AM

Breakfast/brunch by Union Station

Hi all,

First time poster, so please forgive any faux pas'.

My mother and aunt are coming to town this week, and we would like to go for breakfast/brunch somewhere close to Union Station (Toronto) on Friday. I have two criteria: that it be (1) relatively 'nice' (i.e. a couple of steps up from MacDonald's), and (2) not require a reservation (we don't want to be time-restricted). My googling has turned up York's Kitchen in the Royal York Hotal, and Victoria's at the King Edward Hotel, but I'm having trouble finding information on these places online (pricing, breadth of menu, quality etc.). Can anyone objectively comment on these restaurants? Alternatively, can anyone recommend somewhere that fits my criteria in the Union Station area?


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  1. I can't really comment on either of the restaurants you mention, but given that hotel brunches tend to be pricey to start with and that the King Eddy and Royal York are two of the most expensive hotels in town, I'd say you're looking at something about 10x the cost of a McDonald's meal (albeit for 10x the class).

    If you're up for a 10 minute walk, you might want to check out Le Petit Dejeuner on King near George. It's one of my favourite places for brunch in the city, and one of the few that serves weekday brunch. It's not as posh as the King Eddy, granted, but it's a very fun and "Toronto" place to go if you're with out-of-towners.

    Menu (and other info) here:

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      Dang. I take it back. Unless I'm reading the website wrong, they only have brunch on Mondays, Tuesdays and weekends. I guess they've scaled back on breakfast service on Wed-Fri to accomodate the dinner service.

      Sorry. :(

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        Thanks...Le Petit Dejeuner does look suitable, but perhaps a bit out of the way. Pity they don't do breakfast every day :(

    2. Also, possibly, the Over Easy restaurant in the Hotel Victoria at 56 Yonge St.-

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        Hmmm....that link doesn't work....

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          the link works for me, and I would recommend this place, although it's not the nicest atmosphere (windowless) Food and service is good, though.

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            try -

            also perhaps search "Over Easy" on the board for other comments. The place link is focused on the Bloor Street location but it also shows relevant threads.

            Over Easy
            208 Bloor W, Toronto, ON M5S1T8, CA

        2. Here's a link to a web page that lists a number of restaurants close to Toronto Union Station...hope it helps.

          1. Had a nice brunch at Beer Bistro. Their brunch starts at 10:30 Sat and Sunday. At 10:30, we were the first to arrive.

            I tried an eggs benny type dish with port salut, basil, roasted tomato and hollandaise on a latke. Perfectly cooked eggs.

            A great choice if you want brunch just steps from the TTC, especially during bad weather. Their door is just a few steps from the North side of King St E entrance/exit to the TTC.

            I was happy to discover you can book Beerbistro on, so it's possible to have a guaranteed reservation for brunch. After waiting in line-ups on W Queen W, only to end up having slow service and attititude, I'm going to be checking out the brunch spots guaranteeing reservations from now on. It's possible to find out what time Beerbistro was open, as well as what other brunch places were open at that time, when I booked on opentable.