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If you had a batch of shredded cooked chicken breast in the fridge...

what would you make today? I don't know how much I have - it's the breast from a 4-lb chicken. Maybe a lb?

I'd prefer to stretch it into two meals or more, but I am interested in any and all ideas.



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  1. A Mexican style casserole comes to mind first for me...there is currently a topic going on this board, too, if you scroll down. Here's one we loved recently...the pickled red onion is to die for with it...I used Herdez brand salsa verde instead of making my own:


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      Green or Red Chile Chicken Chilaquiles

    2. Chicken noodle soup...white chicken chili...quesadillas...chicken salad...

      Oooh, enchiladas! I've been dying to try this recipe since I saw it made on TV but haven't gotten around to it yet, it makes a lot:

      1. For lunch:

        Shredded chicken tacos with avocado and red onion.

        Shredded chicken sandwich with cheese & tomatoes.

        Or you could just throw it on top of some salad or into a soup.



        Tossed with halved grape tomatoes, goat cheese and basil and added to warm gemelli.

        1. add bbq sauce
          add mojo/cumin for a Latin influence.

          1. white chile -- to chicken, add chicken stock, onions, garlic, cumin, jalapeno or serrano. simmer. add canned cannelini beans, drained and rinsed. cilantro on top.

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              Chicken pot pie. Chicken pot pie with big fat biscuits on top instead of crust.


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                I'm with dolores on the chicken pot pie. Instead of biscuits, I like to use puff pastry. You take a sheet, cut into rectangles, brush egg whites and bake.

                My favorite chicken pot pie recipe comes from the NY Times Magazine: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage...

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                  I make chicken pot pie a lot with leftover chicken (chilaquiles, too). This time of year my favorite is made with leeks, some thyme, garlic, butternut squash and some chanterelles. I like this one topped with puff pastry.

                  In summer I'll sub in SW flavors and vegetables (summer squash, corn, onions) and top with cornmeal biscuits -- you can steam these right on top in a Dutch oven or put the whole thing in the oven for a more traditional biscuit.

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                Roast some poblano and/or anaheim peppers and make green chile. Got rave reviews on my last batch.

              3. Arroz con pollo
                Thai green curry

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                  Second Thai green curry!

                  Also, a Thai-style salad with shredded lettuce, sprouts, cilantro, mint, shallots, and other vegetables with a dressing of lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, and garlic. Refreshing.

                2. I had this exact problem this morning. Made teriyaki sauce and tossed with green onion/scallions and bell peppers. Served over rice; noodles are good as well. My coworkers seemed to like it.

                  Could always add to pasta carbonara.

                  1. My co-worker gave me this simple, delicious chicken salad recipe. To shredded chicken add mayo and chopped green olives (with pimentos). Add pepper to taste (salt if you feel it needs it). Spread on crackers or make a sandwich with tomato, lettuce, onion and avocado and you are good to go.
                    Great party food - serve with crackers. Simple and delicious!!

                    1. I would make chicken salad or chicken cashew chili (recipe links below) For chicken salad, I find that it tastes oodles better when I make my own mayo from scratch, and I always use fresh herbs. Celery adds crunch and makes it stretch into an extra portion or two -- you might add grapes or nuts, too. I added links to two that I make often, and they are always highly praised.

                      I was never wild about chili -- before trying the recipe below. The ground cashews and chocolate add layers of mystery to it, and the flavors are rich and surprising. Of course, I top mine with goodies like sour cream, shredded cheese, and lots of snipped cilantro.


                      Tarragon chicken salad:

                      Curry chicken salad:

                      1. maybe a chicken salad (as a sandwich or over lettuce)?:
                        chicken, red onion, sugar snap peas, sliced almonds, mayo, dijon mustard, and honey.

                        1. Do half of it like pulled pork. Add some of your favorite BBQ sauce and serve on great rolls.

                          Put the other half in a pot pie.

                          Two really different flavors.

                          1. Bon Bon Chicken on a bed of chinese egg noodles with cucumbers, bean sprouts and scallions.
                            For the bon bon sauce

                            1/3-cup sesame paste*
                            ΒΌ-cup oil
                            3 T soy sauce
                            3 T vinegar
                            2 T sugar
                            3 T hot water
                            1 T sesame oil
                            2 cloves garlic
                            1 T chili oil
                            3-4 scallions
                            1 t dried chili peppers, broken up

                            In the jar of a blender, put the garlic and scallions. Blend until minced. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Taste and adjust for seasoning. Be aware that the spiciness will increase somewhat.

                            *Sesame paste is available in Asian grocery stores. It is different from tahini in that the sesame seeds are toasted so that it is darker in color.

                            This sauce recipe will keep for a long time in the refrigerator. If it is too thick when you go to use it again just add a little hot water to thin it.

                            1. Ooohh - thanks all! Tonight we ended up making tostadas with refrieds, cheddar, and I heated up the chicken with some butter and adobo, and then we topped the whole thing with flavored sour cream, avocado, nopalitos, tomatos and black olives. Even my picky kids devoured them.

                              Tomorrow I'm going to try one of the recipes from this thread, and I am going to have to try the chicken cashew chili at some point no matter what - I'm intrigued.

                              Thanks all!

                              1. Barbecue chicken pizza. Spread homemade or bottled barbecue sauce with a little sweetness on a raw dough crust. Top with lots of shredded fontina and smoked gouda. Toss chicken with sauce, lightly, and add to pizza. Add rings of red onion and bake. Top with cilantro after you remove it from the oven.

                                1. I know you cooked already -- but what about that buffalo chicken dip (Bonnies, it's called, I think) that gets such raves here?! I have been meaning to try that myself!