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Thanksgiving dinner out

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Which restaurants are offering Thanksgiving Dinner? Are there any doing an alternative menu or more creative offering? What should I expect to pay? Am I too late to make reservations?

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  1. davidburke & donatella should fill the bill.
    Good luck getting a reservation.

      1. I just got an email from db Bistro Moderne and Daniel stating they have openings for T Day.

        1. For a few high-end restaurants (i.e. Bouley, Aereole, Craft) it seems that you'll be paying a premium for a limited prix-fixe. In effect, you'll be paying about $20 more than the regular prix fixe for a more limited option. This is understandable because it is a holiday, but there are some places whose prices are much more attractive. Telepan, Savoy, and the Harrison come to mind, as well as the little owl and Cornelia St. Cafe.

          1. Philip Marie at 569 Hudson has a good, traditional 3-course turkey day dinner for $40. Everyone even gets a bag of leftovers to go home with...just like at grandma's! I've done it a couple of times with family.
            Bocca at 39 East 19th has a turkey day dinner for about $45. It's turkey with an Italian twist (I saw the menu last week when I was there for dinner).

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              I was very unimpressed with the food at Philip Marie the one time we ate there. But maybe they do a better job with turkey and the trimmings.

              We had dinner at Bocca in June, and the food was very good. Same owners as Cacio e Pepe.

            2. Eleven Madison Park is open this year. I think it's $125. per person.