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Nov 13, 2007 05:18 AM

Bianco advice needed

Next week we will be in Phoenix and woudl like to stop by Pizzaria Bianco without enduring a multi-hour wait. There are only two of us, so reservations are not an option, but our schedules are pretty much open on Tuesday and Wednesday. Any recommendations on how late we could show up and still be seated within 30 minutes or so? Is it just weekends that are bad or are weekdays slammed too?

Also interested in any good new spots. In the past we have tried and enjoyed Los Dos Molinos, Cowboy Ciao, Richardsons, Roaring Fork, Los Sombreros, Barrio Cafe, Arriba on Camelback.

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  1. 4:00pm. If you show up at 4:30 for the first seating, you could be S.O.L. and wait at least two hrs. Go on Tuesday, the Suns are playing on Wednesday at home and I'm guessing it will be busier.

    1. Once Bar Bianco opened next door I started to look forward to the wait, but I do make sure I won't be hungry for a while. It's in a lovely, very relaxing setting where you can enjoy a glass of wine with friends and then head in for a genuinely great pizza. You'll be here when the weather is just normally starting to get a bit cool, it'll be perfect. You can also opt for the counter to be seated sooner.

      1. AZHotdish is right; show up an hour early or wait two hours in the bar. For some reason everyone balks at waiting that long for food; it is truly worth the wait. When I go, I take along cards and play canasta until they come to find us.

        1. the line starts to form at 4:00, doors open at 5:00, I believe the bar opens at 4:00, one person wait in line another get drinks, 5:00 you should get in first seating, if not put your name down and I have found if I agree to sit at the bar (which I enjoy) then the wait is usually about 45 minutes. Otherwise show up when you want and go next door for a glas sof wine & appetizers (which are also wonderful)

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            Appetizers at Bar Bianco? What do they offer, it doesn't show a "menu" link on the Bianco web site. Thanks.

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              When I was there last, I had a truly lovely bowl of olives, and a plate of cured meats and cheeses, both of which were great. I suspect that their menu changes pretty often. It wasn't a large menu, but it was tempting, and perfect for passing the time, waiting for the doors to open next door.

              1. re: hungryinaz

                they also usually have a take on a grilled cheese as well as the olives & cured meats and cheeses. Great with a glass of their Prosecco! (only served in the bar)

            2. Thanks everyone for the advice. Not sure if we will be able to swing it this trip given the wait times, but at least I'll be prepared if we do.