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Nov 13, 2007 04:24 AM

Tips for Dipping Marshmallows in Chocolate?

Can any body give me some first hand advice or helpful hints about dipping marshmallows in dark chocoloate. I have this goofy idea that after I dip them I want to sprinkle graham crackers on them.
I know I need a chilled cookie sheet with parchment paper that has been sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs for after the dipping, But what utensils are good to hold the marshmallows while you dip them in the melted chocolate?

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    1. re: Den

      really? I found the toothpick too short and flimsy to hold the marshmallow. I ended up using bamboo skewers. Perhaps my toothpicks were just too cheap :) And I used two for better control.

    2. I once dipped some small marshmallow Easter eggs, and bought what was called a dipping fork. It was an implement with a handle (about the length of an ordinary table fork) with a loop at the end of it. After "Googling", saw several various styles of tools for dipping centers into coating chocolate. From what I can see, perhaps just an regular table fork would do the job. Just rest your marshmallow on top of the tines and lower into the chocolate. Don't spear the candy.

      Use your search engine to look up "dipping chocolates" or "candy dipping forks" and you will see what I am talking about.

      1. fondue fork? Cake tester? I have this same problem when dipping peanut butter balls...

        1. One year for christmas gifts I did dipped marshmellows with colored sprinkles... I gave with homemade hot chocolate mix...Any way, I used wooden skewers and put 3 on one skewer and more so rolled in the melted chocolate and then placed on cookie sheet. I would sprinkle the graham crakers on top and let cool that way.

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            Thanks to all who replied so promptly!The miracle of chowhound;-) I will post after I make them !

            1. re: scharffenberger

              Well I made them although I omitted the graham cracker crumbs! I will attempt to post the pics.