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Nov 13, 2007 12:41 AM

NYC Boy in LA for a few days

I'm mostly interested in Japanese and Korean food. I have only a couple days. A friend back here recommended Sushi Gen for lunch. If so, what to order? Other Japanese and Korean recommendations?


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  1. Hi Rob - where will you be staying while here (what part of town, I mean) and will you have a car / transportation or will you be wanting to walk and / or use public transport?

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    1. re: ElsieDee

      I'm staying in a hotel that's on Wilshire just west of Santa Monica Blvd. I will have wheels though. One friend said lunch at Sushi Gen was very good...

      1. re: rschwim

        The drive to Little Tokyo can be rough, so start early. And there's always a wait for lunch at Sushi Gen. The Sashimi Special lunch is good, and a great bargain.

    2. The drive from Beverly Hills to Little Tokyo for lunch may not be worth it -- plus there's parking to contend with. Not to dismiss Sushi Gen; just don't think it'll be worth your time and effort and you'll end up hating LA.

      If you want sushi and price is a consideration, why not head west to Sawtelle, take a left and just north of Olympic, on Sawtelle in the Olympic Collection (upscale mini-mall) is Kiriko, which has a very good lunch omakase special for around $30 that includes soup and salad. The added bonus of being on Sawtelle is that you will see some really good options for your other eating times -- Orris is Franco Japanese, Chabuya is very good noodles, there is a Korean BBQ place I think, in the strip mall just north of the Olympic collection on Sawtelle, as well as a number of other very worthwhile, not too expensive places. I mean if I had to take one street from LA to the proverbial desert island and eat only at restaurants on that street forever, Sawtelle would probably be my choice.

      Even closer to you, and also excellent, but pricier, is Sushi Sushi on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.

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      1. re: NAspy

        Absolutely agree with NAspy.

        For your location and the benefit of not having to sit in traffic, the Sawtelle strip of restaurants is great to satisfy your Japanese food cravings.

        My favorites on that row are Kiriko (sushi and cooked items), Hurry Curry (curry), Sawtelle Kitchen (yoshoku), Furaibo (izakaya), Orris (French-Japanese fusion), and Chabuya (ramen).

        Also nearby, the best ramen in the area for my money is the Santouka ramen stall in the Mitsuwa supermarket food court on Centinela. Also love Musha in Santa Monica on Wilshire for izakaya in a slightly nicer atmosphere. Ramen-ya on Olympic is Korean-Japanese ramen so that might hit both your cravings.

        1. re: TracyS

          no need for the OP to go to Mitsuwa, there is one right outside nyc (edgewater) that has Santouka there as well!

      2. For Korean BBQ the board favorite seems to clearly be Park's.

        955 S. Vermont Ave. (at San Marino Street)
        Los Angeles (213) 380-1717

        For Sushi you will close to two board favorites. Sushi Sushi and Sushi Zo. I am partial to Sushi Zo and the way to order there is to put yourself in the chef's hands with omakase.

        Sushi Sushi
        326 1/2 Beverly Drive
        Beverly Hills, CA 90212-4801

        Sushi Zo
        9824 National Blvd Unit C
        (310) 842-3977
        Los Angeles, CA 90034

        1. For Korean, go to Park's for BBQ and Ondal 2 for crab.

          And when you say Japanese, what do you mean? Sushi? Kaseiki? Something else? Let us know and we'll be able to point you in the right direction.

          1. Musha in SM for Japanese.

            Soot Bull Jeep or Sa Rit Gol for Korean.