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Nov 12, 2007 08:44 PM

SF Hound needs Dim Sum recs in Vancouver

I'm looking for a place that serves something beyond shrimp dumplings and radish cakes. Some place that serves innards, goose and fried chicken knee caps.

I would prefer something in Vancouver but am willing to drive to Richmond if needed.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Why limit yourself to Vancouver?
    If you must, RedStar on Granville & W.67th
    They have chicken knee caps for sure, maybe some innards (those are so outdated now). Very good roast duck if they don't run out.

    Richmond is a mere 5-10min. away, no reason not to go there. Keirin Richmond, Sea Harbour or Gingery are good bets.

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    1. re: AppleSpam

      Are there any differences among all the Kirin branches? Is there one better than the other? I didn't realize Richmond was so close. We may not rent a car, that's why we weren't sure about going there.

      If chicken knee caps are outdated, what's new and unique to Vancouver's dim sum? In SF, for a few years now, I've been seeing the same stuff like "dirty chicken" (simmered with goji berries and medincinal herbs), coffee spareribs, or taro cubes with fried basil. And everyone has some version of XLB, shanghai dumplings.

      1. re: AppleSpam

        I ended up going to Shen Fung at Parker Place. It was probably some of the best dim sum I've had it a long time. I had:

        -Chicken knee caps. A really big order.
        -Snake potage came with chrysamthemum leaves
        -Sesame paste filled bittermelon fried dumplings
        -Pork liver crepes (cheung fun)
        -Duck filled fried dumplings
        -Marinated goose webs

        1. re: whatsforlunch

          Interesting list. I must check Shen Fung out.