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Nov 12, 2007 08:41 PM

mario batali's panettone trifle from iron chef

does anyone know where to find the recipe for this from the 11/11 show featuring cranberries?

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  1. Only could find this one. Not exactly the same one:


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    1. re: Antilope

      thanks! i did see that one. maybe i can email FN? i was really hoping for the one on the show, it looked so good!

    2. Hello,

      Have you had any luck finding the recipe? I found a similar receipe, not sure how it taste. Let me know your thoughts.

      1. His contained a raspberry curd and another curd -- nectarine or tangerine, I think.

        1. I just saw a re-run of this again and was thinking about looking for a recipe and here on chow there's a board: ha. Well, from Mario's description I believe it was pre-made pannetone soaked in cranberry juice and layered with whipped cream, cranberry curd, and tangerine curd. I know he served it with 2 sauces on the side and they may or may not have been the curds again. So I think that it can be made by buying some pannetone and soaking it in cranberry juice, making this cranberry curd and this tangerine curd and some whipped cream and just layer it. The only thing though is that those sauces looked really thin and in my experience, curds are sort of thick. Does anyone know what those sauces were exactly?