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Nov 12, 2007 08:27 PM

German food in Austin?

Anyone know of any good German restaurants in Austin?

I'm surprised that with so many small towns around Austin known for their German food, Austin itself doesn't have a few well known ones.

Any suggestions?

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  1. European Bistro is the only one I know of that does eastern European.

    1. The Walburg Merchantile, north of Austin. Food isn't the best, but the music,beer and atmosphere are quite fun. Check it out on a Friday or Satuday night. The oom-pah band in the Biergarten is a blast. My kids love it there.

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        Second the Walburg restaurant - If you like beer and brauts you'll be a happy camper.

        1. re: cecilymary

          European Bistro is Much Much Better authentic German Food it was the best schnitzel I ever had. It's in Pflugerville and has also East European Food and Music.

      2. I'm afraid that if you travel around the Austin hinterland (Fredericksburg, Gruene, etc) looking for authentic German food, you might be a little disappointed. Many places claim to serve such food, and even have German names, and the owners may well be of German descent, but I've yet to find a kitchen that can produce food even close to the places I used to eat at regularly in the Rhine Valley.

        Who knows, perhaps this thread will prove me wrong ...

        1. My spouse lived in Germany for a few years and returns to visit occasionally--so he loves German food. He hasn't found a German restaurant in Fredericksburg that he likes, but he really enjoys European Bistro in Pflugerville. They are Hungarian, but do German staples such as schnitzel, spaetzle, and strudel quite well.

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