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Seattle - Kung Fu Girl Riesling?

So a dear friend (and Riesling fiend) found and loved Kung Fu Girl Riesling. I wanted to gift her a few bottles but i can't find it anywhere. K Vintners (the makers) have it listed as sold out.

Any stray bottles spotted around town at local wine shops??



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  1. The last time I saw it was about 10 days ago at Ballard Market (a town and country market).

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      I work in downtown Fremont so that is plenty close by. Thank you!

    2. Most grocery stores have it. I think that's where most of it ended up. I saw it at the U-Village QFC this weekend.

      It is a great to excellent riesling at it's price.

      1. I get it from the restaurant group I work for, but I just wanted to agree that it is one of the best values around for riesling. Love it.

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          I've also seen it at Whole Foods - the Redmond one at least. Great riesling at a bargain price.

        2. Howdy - I had just read a small review of KFG in the Oregonian, was shopping at QFC in Bellevue yesterday, and it was on sale! for $9.99/bottle w/member card. Just opened it - awesome stuff. Spark-y! Will get more for Thanksgiving if I can find it here at home in PDX.

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            Nice! I picked up a few bottles at the Ballard Market for $12.99. Just saw it at Whole Foods tonight for $10.99. The QFC price is the winning price so far.

          2. Houghton Market in Kirkland has two bottles left at $10.99.

            1. this is a long shot, but i don't suppose anybody would know where I can get this in toronto, ontario? :(

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                Can't help you with finding it in Canada but I had to post to remark on how surprisingly far their reach is. We loved this when we tried it this past August at the winery and were more than surprised to find a stash in a little liquor store in Pueblo, Colorado over the holiday. It was perfect for the those in the family that tend toward sweeter wines.

              2. You can find it for 12.99 at Metro Market in Tacoma..