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Nov 12, 2007 07:59 PM

Seattle - Kung Fu Girl Riesling?

So a dear friend (and Riesling fiend) found and loved Kung Fu Girl Riesling. I wanted to gift her a few bottles but i can't find it anywhere. K Vintners (the makers) have it listed as sold out.

Any stray bottles spotted around town at local wine shops??


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  1. The last time I saw it was about 10 days ago at Ballard Market (a town and country market).

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    1. re: patriciajane

      I work in downtown Fremont so that is plenty close by. Thank you!

    2. Most grocery stores have it. I think that's where most of it ended up. I saw it at the U-Village QFC this weekend.

      It is a great to excellent riesling at it's price.

      1. I get it from the restaurant group I work for, but I just wanted to agree that it is one of the best values around for riesling. Love it.

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        1. re: dagoose

          I've also seen it at Whole Foods - the Redmond one at least. Great riesling at a bargain price.

        2. Howdy - I had just read a small review of KFG in the Oregonian, was shopping at QFC in Bellevue yesterday, and it was on sale! for $9.99/bottle w/member card. Just opened it - awesome stuff. Spark-y! Will get more for Thanksgiving if I can find it here at home in PDX.

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          1. re: xmaswak

            Nice! I picked up a few bottles at the Ballard Market for $12.99. Just saw it at Whole Foods tonight for $10.99. The QFC price is the winning price so far.

          2. Houghton Market in Kirkland has two bottles left at $10.99.