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Nov 12, 2007 07:41 PM

Cooking for boys

OK, I know this has been asked in various forms over the years, but I can't seem to find the threads.

I want to cook dinner for a guy, but I have no idea what. The obstacles: I'm vegetarian, he's not; he's got about twice the appetite; I'm not sure yet how adventurous he is, foodwise.

Any ideas? I'd like something simple, that tastes great but doesn't look like I tried too hard.


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  1. Would something like eggplant parm be too much trouble? Or a mushroom lasagna? Both are vegetarian without being thought of a vegetarian, are filling (for the hearty appetite) and good this time of year.

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    1. re: WCchopper

      Duh. Why didn't I think of lasagna?

      I'm trying to avoid basic red sauce pasta because that's usually what he cooks. But lasagna is different enough without being "out there".

      I might try the eggplant parm later, once I find out whether he likes eggplant.

      1. re: piccola

        Ina Garten's mushroom lasagna recipe is very good (even better on day 2). You can find it on the Food TV website. It uses a bechamel sauce instead of a red sauce. I made it for a potluck last week and it was the only dish that was 100% eaten.
        Because it is better after it sits a while, I have learned to make it one day and let it sit oer night in the fridge. I bake it and serve it on day 2

        1. re: piccola

          And the seafood lasagna with minor changes (Silver Palate cookbook) also is a really good dish.

          Ahi tuna comes to mind - sort of meeting in the middle.

          1. re: chef chicklet

            Should of added that this is made with bechamel flavored with the pernod.. gives it a very delicate flavor. My kids love seafood, any and all though.

          2. re: piccola

            You can make a pesto lasagna if you want to veer from the red sauce.

            1. re: Jennalynn

              Good idea, as is the b├ęchamel.

        2. Pasta pasta pasta! You two can have the same pasta, only his will have meat and yours don't. Meatballs. beef strips, chicken, chorizo or sauages, just add whatever meat he likes!

          Won't hurt to add some vegetables in the pasta too!

          1. Hearty soup. You can throw some pre-cooked sausage in his and none in yours. Bread, salad, and dessert are non-denominational.

            1. I'd go with lentil soup (made with water or vegetable broth) and add a nice smoked sausage like linguica or kielbasa to his, served with a salad of endive, apples, walnuts and blue cheese with a lemon vinaigrette, and plain bruschetta with good olive oil. Or, if you don't want bread, add farro or barley to the lentil soup. For more color, you can add a few handfuls of spinach or chard to the soup also.

              1. I love making spinach pie when I'm making vegetarian food for non-vegetarians. People don't seem to notice it's veggie, and it goes well with a nice salad or soup. Otherwise, eggplant parm was going to be my first suggestion too.