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Nov 12, 2007 07:40 PM

Ratatouille DVD

I finally watched the Pixar movie Ratatouille this evening. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The DVD extras include an inteview with Thomas Kellar with footage of service at The French Laundry. I found it it be an excellent suprise.

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  1. I thought they might be stretching it a little bit when they were paralleling the animation making with cooking but they did a great job with it. It was really interesting when they showed Keller making the ratatouilee dish that was featured in the movie. That was amazing.

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      Pixar did a lot of collaboration with the Keller Restaurant Group in Yountville, and I was glad to see that "behind the scenes" extra in the DVD. I laughed out loud when Brad Bird made a comment to an animator that he could "Finesse" a scene a little bit more. "Finesse" has been a big thing for Thomas Keller for years, and I wonder if Bird was influenced by that or if he came upon it on his own.

    2. Looking forward to getting it, as I never did get to the movie theater to see it. :-(

      1. Watched it Sunday night, definitely a foodie movie. Watching Thomas Keller making the same dish served in the movie was great.

        1. ratatouille's brad bird did a video podcast last week. his thoughts on animation, food, cooking and passion come through loud and clear. pixar appears to me to be a mighty special place.

          here's link:

          note: the podcast is broken into three parts.

          1. I watched it last night and loved, loved, loved it!

            I was debating getting it but then I went to see Anthony Bourdain speak last week and someone from the audience asked him what his favorite food movies was. I thought perhaps he would say "Eat Drink Man Woman" or "Babbette's Feast" or even the jail scene from "Goodfellas". But instead he surprised me with his absolute love for Ratatouille. He said its really big in the food industry and the attention to details was oustanding...the burns on the chefs arms, their knife skills etc. I'm glad he suggested it because I thought it was wonderful.