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Nov 12, 2007 06:59 PM


We're going to Prague in January, looking for something unsual, kind of crazy and unforgetable.

hit me

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  1. Go to either U Fleku (a beer and roast pork place that has been around for centuries) or U Kalika (I think that is how it is spelled), famous for being Sgt. Svejk's hangout. When I was there years ago, they had a cute little show.

    1. I don't know if anything in prague would qualify as crazy or even very unusual, but we really enjoyed Vinarna U Maltezskych ryriru (the pheasant was especially good) and the prices are moderate. The main dining room is in a vaulted stone cellar, very dark, candlelit and romantic. website: Oddly, the menu does not display on the website, but trust me it is excellent and prices are very reasonable.

      We also liked the Bellevue, interesting nouvelle cuisine, but it is as expensive as anything comparable in France, though if you are not going to France it may be a nice consolation.

      Flambee was also a very good French impersonator, but there were a few lapses in the food (bad desserts and heavy dumplings) but otherwise very enjoyable, though the prices were shocking. When you get into the high end, Prague can be more expensive than Paris.

      Prague is a beautiful city but the food still has a way to go.

      1. I strongly recommend Alchymist. Great food, fantastic service, quirky surroundings. Always surprises me that more people don't go.

        I used to live in Prague until a few months ago and it was my "special occasion" place.