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Nov 12, 2007 06:57 PM

alas, a couple of bad meals at Sripraphai

I am not sure what is going on, but the much beloved Sripraphai has let me down several times in a row recently. My last meal was nothing but mediocre. My wife and I had a wide range of things. The sauce on the fried watercress salad was enemic. It tasted like some of the flavors were either missing or out of balance, not the beautiful complex bouquet that I have come to expect. The same could be said about the green curry, chicken with cashew, and pork with string bean curry (the dry one, which was a little better but still lack-lustre). It just seemed like rushed, underconsidered, Thai...more like (gulp) americanized 'fast' food. I certainly hope that the place is not going downhill. It is one of my favorites. Anyone else have a similar experience there recently?

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  1. Yeah, I have about one or two mediocre meals there per year for about the last 6 years. It seems par for the course. Did you happen to go there during a peak time?

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      I agree, we get about one or two mediocre meals a year there (usually take out, but occasionally eat-in as well)
      for a while i was convinced it was the sunday night chef. but then i had a great meal one sunday night.
      that's the thing about sri. just when i'm thinking "downhill alert" i go and have a meal that knocks my socks off!

    2. I've been 4 times in the past month with zero disappointing meals. I'm usually there on a weekday during early dinner hours. I hope you just struck some bad luck and that this won't be a continuing trend.

      1. Since the expansion I will say that Sri has gone down slightly but never to the point of a mediocre meal in my experience. I've been going for over 6 years, at least 2-3x a month and while on some days food is better prepared, meaning spiced more sharply and proportioned better, it has never been lackluster and utterly disappointing.

        I'm very surprised at your bad green curry b/c that is one of my usuals and never been bad in my experience, maybe too spicy but never bland. The watercress salad on occassion has been very skimpy, so I just take it out of rotation.

        I'm not sure if Sri has gone downhill but maybe you went at a super busy time and dishes just slipped under the radar.

        1. Phew! I'm not the only one. I thought by dissing Sri, I might be excommunicated from Chowhound. We went on Sunday night to have a disappointing meal -- the crispy watercress salad was cold and bland. We also had the soft shell crab with chili and basil, but the crab was deep fried beyond recognition. The crispy pork was ashen and gristly. The highlight was the ginger fish, which was superb. We left kind of sad because we brought some Sri newbies and hyped the place, but alas. Fingers crossed for some better stuff next time!