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Nov 12, 2007 06:19 PM

Rose Tattoo Cafe in Philly

I haven't been to the Rose Tattoo in years, but I have brought many dates to this place, my husband included. The very last time we went the food was so-so, has anyone been recently and if so what is it like now?

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  1. It is really funny you posted this... we were discussing this place last night at dinner. We said we rarely go to this area of the city... I am really curious to see what type of response you will get from the board...

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    1. re: BRI328

      Unfortunately I can't comment on the food either. I will say it's a great place for drinks either before or after a lecture at the Free Library, which I did this summer. The bartenders are friendly and competant. The dim-ish lighting and medium dark interior can feel a bit romantic.

      1. re: croutonpiggy

        We went about a month ago, and were pleasantly surprised. I had the chicken, and companion had the filet. Both were deliciously cooked and tasted great--the chicken really was superb (especially considering it's...chicken breast). Service was a bit spotty, though. Overall, I'd go back...