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Nov 12, 2007 06:08 PM

Tall Order: Fun, Fancy, but not Fishy?

OK: I'm allergic to all fish and shellfish...keeping that in mind, does anyone have an awesome suggestion for the ultimate place to have a dinner with great ambiance, which is also unusual (dancing?), special (classic!), or unique ( LA-funky!) ? It's a 1) birthday 2) celebrated by two best girl friends who have eaten all over the world together, and 3) there's no real price limit, but we don't want all of the other patrons in the room to be octogenarians or celebs.


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  1. inn of the seventh ray. super special, super unique, only in los angeles-ish:

    also - abuelitas in topanga is phenomenal just for the space, atmosphere, etc. (as is everything in topanga imo):

    1. Vibrato Jazz and Grill should be able to accommodate you, if you let them know par avance.

      Mouns-of-Tunis or Dar Maghreb for eat-with-your-hands Moroccan fun.

      Spago would certainly be classic and could do a non-fish tasting menu for you if you ask!

      If there were more of you, I'd say do Table One at Hotel Bel-Air.

      Or, be decadent and do drinks at Yamashiro (just for the view at Sunset), head for steak dinner at Cut, and follow it with dessert of tasting menu at Providence, or at SimonLA for the dessert sampler.

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        Thanks guys! I especially love the idea of going to Providence (or elsewhere) just for the desert tasting menu. I've always wanted to go to Yamashiro just for drinks--is there anything I should know before going?

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          ..don't stay for the overpriced mediocre food at Yamashiro?

          Get dinner at somewhere you know can accommodate your allergy and not feeling you leaving shortchanged if you don't eat seafood. I certainly think Spago would be more than able to accommodate as would Luques or Jar.

          I don't know how much driving you want to do, but Saddle Peak Lodge is known for meat. Josie does good meat stuff too... that burger, the truffle fries, the appetizers, the chocolate bread pudding? Just don't know if I'd say "fun..."

          I think the most fun might be Yamashiro, then Spago or Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian, and Providence for dessert, but hey that's just me!