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must-try duck dishes?

i'm looking for any recommendations for great duck dishes in boston. i read about a great-sounding one at aquitaine ("Sliced Duck Breast, Roquefort and Walnut with Ravioli Bacon-Braised Cabbage & Pumpkin") but recent reviews of that restaurant on this board have made me more dubious. any other suggestions much appreciated!

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  1. The duck for two which is the signature entree at Salts in Central Square, Cambridge. It's wonderful!

    1. Jody Adams' Slow Roasted Suck at Rialto, in Cambridge, Ones of the best duck dishes I've had.

      I second the Salts rec.

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        That's one of the funniest misspellings I've seen in a long time. Thanks for the laugh! (and the rec).

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          a slow roasted suck? hmmm, should we report this??

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            Sorry, I meant Slow-Sucked Roast.

        2. The duck for 2 at Salts is excellent but also expensive - sixty five bucks... on the other end of the scale you could also enjoy a delicious Roast Duck Wonton Noodle Soup for seven bucks at Quan's Kitchen in Boston.

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            Another inexpensive option: Crispy Pad Thai Bangkok style (spicy) with Duck at Coconut Cafe in Newton Centre.

          2. FuLoon in Malden serves several duck dishes. Most recently I had the Keunming Duck in a nice not-too-spicy brown sauce. It was tender and tasty.

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              I had one of the specialty-of-the-house duck dishes at FuLoon and it was excellent.

            2. The Soy Duck at Best Little Restaurant in Chinatown is insanely great.

              1. Second the soy-braised duck at Best Little Restaurant. I'm not actually as much of a fan of the Gargoyles' duck, but sometimes Jason does deep fried duck drumsticks that are so fatty and crispy. I want them now.

                Also like:
                Peking duck at King Fung Garden
                Roasted duck at Hong Kong Eatery
                Bacon wrapped duck at Grotto
                Sometimes Petit Robert Bistro does a duck confit that's very reasonably priced and pretty tasty.

                1. Second many of the recommendations. The duck breast wrapped in bacon is so tasty at Grotto, but for me it was a little heavy.

                  I just had the Duck Confit at Gaslight on Sunday, and I thought it was fabulous and reasonably priced. Came with a lovely frisee salad with radicchio and apples, roasted potatoes and a raspberry gastrique. Duck is often prepared with something slightly sweet. Not being a huge fan of sweet in my entrees, I find duck hit or miss, depending on the fruit it's paired with. The raspberry gastrique was perfect, and offered a little tartness that really made the duck stand out.

                  1. Two from Mistral:

                    Seared Foie Gras with Confit of Duck in Brioche, Tart Wisconsin Cherries
                    Half "Whole Roasted" Duck with Wild Mushroom Risotto, Cranberry Gastrique

                    When I was at Prezza recently, the gnocchi was served with duck and mushrooms. It may not still be on the menu now.

                    1. The Peking duck at Chef Chang's is always good. Nice crisp skin, really rich flavor.

                      1. Duck Larb at Dok Bua is great.

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                          really good call on that one!

                        2. A new dish at Sichuan Garden in Woburn is Roast Shredded Duck with Green Beans. This is one of the new dishes added to the Chinese menu. If you want to try it you will have to ask unless you read Chinese. I have had it twice now and is it excellent.

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                            Thanks for the tip...sounds like I have lunch plans now

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                              Wow you're not kidding about that one. Had it for lunch today and it was excellent. As an aside the manager said that they added 14 new items to the Chinese menu. He knows that I lean towards the spicy dishes so he recommended the citrus flavored beef or chicken, can't wait.

                            2. T.W. Food has a duck confit en-croute with bitter chocolate sauce that is just amazing. Perfect for a cold night.

                              1. roast duck noodle soup at east ocean city
                                boneless tea smoked duck at shangri-la
                                jiang pao duck and keunming duck at fuloon
                                roast duck at peach farm

                                anyone know where to get 8 treasures duck?

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                                  duck with tamarind at bamboo and duck confit appetizer at Washington Square tavern when its on the menu (and Salts is worth the 65.00 bucks!)

                                2. Smoked duck leg with membrillo at Toro
                                  Duck spring roll at Aneka Rasa (oddly enough, the late NuVo in Rozzie did a creditable riff on this dish)
                                  Another vote for the Peking Duck at King Fung Garden; Chang's just isn't the same without Grandfather Chang to carve it tableside
                                  Roast duck soup noodle at Eo Noodle in Framingham
                                  Pato braseado at Dali
                                  Kao-lao-ped hotpot at Chilli Duck

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                                    Agree with the Pato Braseado at Dali, although sometimes the sauce is a little cloyingly sweet (sweeter than it usually is, that is)

                                    And I'll 3rd or 4th the Roast Duck for Two at Salts.

                                    Also, the Hoisin & Honey Glazed Duck Confit with Sticky Rice at Gargoyles is almost always excellent.

                                  2. Duck confit salad at Buchee.

                                    1. tea-smoked duck (called tea-smell duck on the pink menu) at Beijing Star in Waltham

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                                        That is a great one, and reminds me of another one I quite like: the rice-smoked duck at Sage.

                                      2. There's a shredded, sauteed (maybe fried) duck dish, kind of a moo shu with pancakes and tangy sauce, at Aneka Rasa in Brighton. I can't abide duck usually, as it is too fatty for me, but this was wonderful. And not too pricey either!

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                                          I think that's the same dish I mentioned above: Aneka Rasa calls it "house special duck spring roll", though it's more like the second course of a Peking duck meal (crispy strips of duck, probably roasted, served with lotus leaf pancakes, cucumbers, scallions, and hoisin sauce) than the fried appetizer many people think of when they hear "spring roll".

                                          Their ginger duck dishes -- rice plate, soup noodle, and casserole -- are all good, too.