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Nov 12, 2007 05:56 PM

Sea Dolphin on Main Street

I just tried this new fish restaraunt and I was extremly unimpressed.

We went on a monday night approx. 2 weeks after they opened since we figured they would get the kinks worked out. We were wrong. The place was half empty and it took us a little under 2 hours to finish our meal. I can't even explain the decor, one has to walk by to even figure out what they were going for. The waiters are an atrocious bunch of people. They have zero clue about what is going on. They walk by, don't know the menu, they don't really know how to wait tables at all.
The sushi looked good but we decided to try the other stuff on the menu....very very average. The waiter screwed up our orders but we just ate it since we didn't want to wait anymore. The whole time the owner walked around in his dirty chef outfit (yet we never saw him go to the kitchen so I don't know how it got dirty) yelling at the staff and pulling them away from one job to put them on another. He walked around to tables as well and most people told him how upset they were but he did nothing to rectify the issue.

The kicker at the end was they don't take credit card yet but why would they put a sign up to let people know????????

I have always given a new place 2 tries before making a true decision.......This is one and done for me.

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  1. what fool puts Sea Dolphin next door to Sushi Metsuyan.
    I give their new place till Pessach'08 to shut it's doors.
    very charitable of you to at least try them that one time.

    1. we ate there Sunday nite, was crowded so I'll have to give some leaway as to the slow service. Had the Tuna steak with some charif and techina topping, it was pretty good.
      waiter forgot our fried mozzaralla sticks which we canceled. wife;s salmon wasn't the "fillet" salmon she asked for. I was also a little miffed that there was no sign informing us they didn't take credit cards. my head is still in a whirl from the decor of the place.

      someone told me last night there was a restaurant in Brooklyn that had the same name that went out of business after it lost it's hashgacha. anyone know if it's the same owners?

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      1. re: berel

        Are these the same guys who own the Sea Dolphin in Brooklyn, if so, no wonder it was awful.

          1. re: berel

            I just left a message with the Vaad Harabonim of Queens to ask if it's the same owners. will let everyone know what they said when they get back to me

            1. re: berel

              I never heard back from the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, so I called Rabbi Gornisch in Brooklyn who gave the hashgacha in Brooklyn to Sea Dolphin, There was never a problem with the kashruth. They just decided to move to Queens.

              1. re: berel

                last time I asked th VHQ anything, it took Rabbi Katz a week to get
                back to me. it's a great Hecsher, but with a low administrative budget.

        1. re: berel

          I checked with Rabbi Gornisch who was the kashruth supervisor when they were in Brooklyn. There was no problem with their kashruth

          1. re: berel

            No, just a problem with their food, wait staff and prices (I hate places that add tips on to your bills).

            1. re: azcohen

              my tuna steak was delicous, and the 15% tip they added was less than I usually leave as a tip.

              1. re: azcohen

                I'm sure the staff hate it too; when they put the tip on the bill, the staff are forced to pay income tax withholding. also when tips are on the bill, the staff manager, busboy, and matrad has an easier time collecting their cut. No wonder the waiters are so terrible - they probably hate working there. or perhaps Boro Parker's were stiffing their waiters a bit too often...

                1. re: Joe Berger

                  I'm sure the waitstaff pays their taxes appropriately and don't cheat.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. effective March 3, 2008, Sea Dolphin Restaurant,
              Flushing, NY is no longer under VHQ supervision.

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              1. re: Joe Berger

                I have not confirmed this yet, but according to a reliable source, this restaurant simply switched it's Hecsher from VHQ to the Bukharian Rabbinical Council of America, presumably because of their lower cost structure.

                1. re: Joe Berger

                  Sea Dolphins doors seemed to be closed...any update on this?

              2. Sea Dolphin is back under Vaad of Queens hashgacha when I passed by this week I saw the teudah...Says "Under New Management" in the window and I saw a tall, dark skinned, guy with long peyos there.

                My experience prior was much like the others, the service, the food too forever, the rude manager. Seems that particular space has issues, from Strawberry Cafe, to Hasababa, to Sea Dolphin. Just doesn't seem like they have any mazal..and their sushi isnt that great ask for a Philadelphia Roll (has cream cheese normally) and the Sushi chef makes it with MOZARELLA CHEESE???...I think this place wont last, just like its predecessors.