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Nov 12, 2007 05:32 PM

Living in Downtown Toronto

I've just moved here last weekend, feeling very lost.
I'm living round university avenue x richmond street at the moment.
I don't know toronto at all and worse of all - I CANNOT DRIVE!

1. I can't find any proper supermarket (where things aren't overpriced) round here in walking distance, or in easy access by public transport
- need to get some essentials
- fresh meat/fish/veg/dairies

2. Any good restaurants (not too expensive) round here? - esp Japanese :p


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  1. Two good discount chains for basic items are "No Frills" and "Food Basics".

    From where you are, walk down to King (or up to Queen) and take the streetcar east to Parliament. Go up Parliament, and once you pass Gerrard, you will see a big "No Frills" on the east side of the street. Or, continue on to Wellesley, and walk west about a half a block, where you will see a "Food Basics".

    You'll either have to schlep your stuff back on the bus and streetcar, or call a cab.

    1. Welcome!

      A couple of ideas. For shopping, I would suggest Kensington Market. It is not a market, but an area, focussed around Augusta Avenue between College and Dundas. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg, as well as some mind-blowing ethnic places for street food and casual fare. European Meats is good for decent reasonable cuts. Segovia meats for south American choiizo and other goodies. Don't be afraid to poke your head in the little shops, as there are many cool things going on in the back, such pupusas, arepas, churros, and empanadas. Easy street car ride down Spadina, or not too long a walk.

      St. Lawrence market is also good, though will be higher priced for the fruit and veg. The price of fish drops drastically after 2pm on a Saturday.

      1. Welcome to Toronto. When you have some time on a weekend afternoon, you should walk over to Spadina and North to St. Andrew and explore Kensington Market. Sample some of the goodies in the area and you can pick up some cheap produce at the same time.

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          Hope you are settling in to your new city. If you are looking for Japanese ingredients you could walk over to Sanko on Queen Street West. A good Japanese restaurant at Queen and St. Patrick is Ema-tei. It is an izakaya style restaurant but also serves great sushi.

          You may also want to go to T&T supermarket. You should be able to find your meat, fish, veg, and take-out sushi here. I am not sure of the exact route by ttc but if you search T&T on this board you will be able to find which bus you need to take. The prices are always good and you will find everything you are looking for under one roof.

        2. I live in the same area.

          1. Dominion on Front Street between Yonge and Church. 15 minutes walk. Open 24 hours. Across the street from the St. Lawrence market, which is also good for fresh meat, fish and dairy. I would consider these places "average" sort of city prices. They're not inexpensive, but not over-the-top.
          2. Fresh and Wild at King and Spadina is over-priced, but it's within ten minutes walking-distance and it has gourmet-ish grocery (or maybe just gourmet-ish prices), meat, veg and takeout.
          3. Chinatown (15 minute walk straight up Spadina is good for inexpensive fruit and veggies. Also Kensington Market (Spadina and Baldwin).
          4. There is a tiny convenience store at 140 Simcoe Street where I wouldn't want to do a lot of grocery shopping, but where I do pick up essentials (except meat. It is expensive. It is super-convenient. And it's run by the nicest people on the planet.

          - The No Frills that ekammin recommends will definitely be cheaper than my options, but it is not walking-distance, while my suggestions are. Also, there is a liquor store across from Dominion or at Baldwin Street (on Spadina) across from Kensington Market (sounds like this might be helpful).

          1. Ematei on St. Patrick just north of Queen is a five minute walk. My partner is half-Japanese (and so choosy about authenticity), and this is his Japanese resto of choice (in the neighbourhood).
          2. Burrito Boyz on Adelaide is quick (usually), filling, inexpensive, and a super-short walk.
          3. Baldwin Street (15 minute walk north on McCaul, just north of Dundas) is a charming street with lots of good and inexpensive options, including various "ethnic" (stupid word, sorry) options.
          4. Little India is at Queen between Richmond and Duncan, and it's not-too expensive.
          5. I like Pho Hung (15 minute walk) on Spadina for Viet, and especially pho.

          The grocery shopping thing is a problem around here. Even though what I've listed is relatively convenient, it just feels like there should be something better. There isn't. Still, it's a great 'hood, and I hope that once you've found your bearings you'll settle in.


          1. THANK YOU EVERYONE!
            Even though I wasn't very successful in hunting down what I want while walking around the area today... It's great that i turnt into the internet and found this forum :p

            I'll try and explore the city further tomorrow. Wish me luck :p