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Nov 12, 2007 05:21 PM

Mosaic restaurant in Scottsdale- Is it special?

Have read about the chef and the wine list is quite extensive. Would like to do an anniversary celebration and am weighing this place as one of our choices. Can anybody
shed some light on this question? Thanks, in advance for your feedback!

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    1. I was at dinner tonight with a friend who lives and works in that area and we were discussing restuarants for our next foray and she actually said that while the food at Mosaic was lovely, that the prices were really not in line with the offerings. if you don't mind, then it doesn't matter, but just saying...

      1. My husband took me here for my birthday back in June. We had a very nice dinner and enjoyed it very much. One of many excellent options here in the valley.

        1. My husband and I, along with a friend who was visiting from L.A., had dinner at Mosaic a couple of weeks ago to celebrate husband's birthday. All three of us had the seafood tasting menu ($75). It was very good and service was excellent. With one alcoholic drink apiece we spent about $335. On a Saturday night the main room was mostly full, but we could see other empty rooms and wondered about the future of this restaurant.

          Was it exceptional? No. Would it be a nice choice for an anniversary celebration? Sure

          Here's a link:

          1. I ate there once and it seemed like only every other course was worthwhile. I'm sure if I'd eaten there more I could probably string together at least an excellent meal.

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              Finally got to Mosaic and had a superb meal and wine choice. Admired the depth of the wine list and liked the fact that there were bottles available at all prices. Marveled at the creativity of Chef Deborah Knight.

              Our favorite dish was the snapper in a light mango/coconut sauce. It was so subtle that it registered as one of the best fish preparations I've ever had. The mushroom salad was equally interesting and worthy of inclusion on the regular menu.

              We are visitors from New York City who have found this to be one of our best "celebration" restaurants and would recommend it to others. It might not be as well-know as T. Cooks or Lon's at the Hermosa but provides a more thought-provoking alternative. It would be a shame if this restaurant does not receive the patronage of its residents.

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                I've been totally underwhelmed. Was it good....yes. Was it great...hardly. It has been a while since we have been there, but we had lackluster service and so-so food. We never felt the need to go back. It does have quite a following but I feel that there are many better alternatives out there. Maybe it's time to give them another chance before I write it off completely...