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Nov 12, 2007 05:16 PM

Recent Chameleon Cafe visit?

We had dinner @ Chameleon Cafe recently and wondered if anything had changed with respect to the chef or the owner?

I ask because I noticed the entree menu had doubled in size. The previous times we had dinner, there were 4 entrees listed, usually a chicken, beef, fish and a vegetarian I believe. This trip the entree menu includes most every meat possible (including pork, rabbit, duck and two fish). Also, when one of the entrees arrived (a hassenpfeffer stew served in an acorn squash shell) it came out cold.

Granted I've only eaten there twice prior, but the increased menu coupled with the bungled entree makes me wonder if something else isn't going on.

Can anyone else confirm / deny?

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  1. Nothing of note or major change in the kitchen is going on. I don't ever remember there being only four entrees... except maybe the first few months they were open but I believe they usually tried for six or seven per menu. I think you just got that one sub-par meal that happens to even the finest restaurants every once in a while.

    1. Nothing has changed, same owner/chef. My wife and I went there twice this summer for the Maryland Menu. Every bite of food was delicous, and we had great service. Thats too bad about your hassenpfeffer, but every place slips up once in a while.The Fall menu looks really good. I want to try the venison.

      1. How was the hassenpfeffer? I see they're using Springfield Farms wabbit.

        1. There have been 6-7 entree choices for quite awhile--my husband and I try to make it in at least once per seasonal menu. We had dinner there three weeks ago, on the first Friday of their new fall menu.

          For starters we had the fried oysters over spinach (a menu staple), the frisee salad with roasted brussel sprouts and bacon (which looked pale and unappetizing but was in fact an amazing blend of textures and deep flavors), and the barley cake with mushrooms (a gift from the chef, delicious and unusual).

          My husband had the venison shank with red-wine risotto, and I had the New York strip with a gratin of potato and celeriac. The vegetable was broccoli rapini--a perfect foil to the richness of everything else. The entrees were superb.

          We shared the chocolate terrine for dinner, and enjoyed cups of Zeke's coffee. I love this place, and I can't wait to go back for my birthday in a few weeks.

          I'm on their e-mail list, and a message from the owners (yesterday?) indicated nothing out of the ordinary other than that they had finally bought themselves a house nearby so they could eventually move from the apartment above the restaurant.

          Question: How did they handle the cold stew? Did you eventually get a hot version, and was it good?

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          1. re: PaulaG

            They took it back immediately and were apologetic. It came back out and was "very good" according to my friend.

            Just to clarify. I do love this place too, and I know that the best restaurants have bad nights. I just wanted to ask other chowhounds and see what they thought.

            Thanks for all the input!