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Nov 12, 2007 04:22 PM

Sirena Ristorante

Let me start out by saying the view is wonderful. After that it’s a down hill experience. I arrived a few minutes early for my 8:00pm reservation on a Saturday night. I was told very rudely that I could not be seated until all of my party had arrived and to move off to the side of the hostess stand immediately. As I stood to the side and waited I could not believe how unprofessional the two older woman were, not only to the customers but to the others working with them. Very unprofessional. Less then ten minutes later my other dinner guest arrived and we were seated. We were greeted by a waiter who was friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. I thought this could turn into a good dinner experience (so I thought.) After waiting 15 minutes for drinks to arrive, we placed our order. We ordered Cozze (steamed mussels) $12 one Arugula salad $10 and one Caesar salad $8. Our appetizers took over 40 minutes to get to us. When the appetizers made it to our table the mussels were cold and had a horrible smell. Needless to say we lost our appetite for the mussels and asked them to be removed from our check. When our entrées arrived two out of three were not what we ordered. The waiter was very apologetic and would look in to our order. Going on 45 minutes the entrées finally arrived. The Rigatoni Vodka ($18) looked like a kids portion. The “Diver” Scallops ($26) was very good but you only got to enjoy a whole four of them! Lastly, the Filet Mignon ($29) came out bloody rare when I asked for it medium rare. I asked the waiter to sent it back thinking it would only take 10 minutes but after 25 minutes I was furious and lost my appetite. About the only thing going for this place is the location. If it was not for the location this miserable restaurant would be out of business. I did find out from the waiter who and why these older ladies where at the host stand. He smiled and told me they were the owners wives. Don’t waste your money on small portions, bad seafood and attitude. Joseph, Michael Cetrulo and Kenneth Mansfield shame on you.

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  1. rut ro. where is sirena?

    1. ohhh sirena in LB. i like pier village but the restaurants stink!

      1. I hear you! This is one restaurant I can honestly say I will never give another chance.

        1. Let's wait until the next "owner" to take over and HOPEFULLY will do a way better job than this horrendous place.

          1. Take it from a local... Pier Village was built as a cash cow for out-of-towners. The city used "eminent domain" to push people out of their homes to build this monstrosity, as well as other coastal redevelopment zones. That said, the restaurants suck, the stores are a joke and the ONE time I went (out of curiosity) I had the feeling I was walking on the graves of homes and families that were forced out by their own hometown. Want a great restaurant not too far from Pier Village? There are plenty. Angelica's, The Original Oyster, Bay Ave. Trattoria, Mr. C's, many Asbury restaurants, most Red Bank spots, and more and more and more. There's no need to go into Pier Village (or Long Branch for that matter) and waste your money and time.

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