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Nov 12, 2007 04:03 PM

Dinner for 6 Midtown East/Hell's Kitchen

Hello hounds,
We're looking for a place for a group of work colleagues to have a going-away dinner for one of our sales folks this Thursday at 6:30. Here are the criteria:

Location: Hell's Kitchen/Midtown/Midtown East
Cuisines: American/New American (our colleague is moving to another country, so we want to send her off with a bit of home)
Atmosphere: comfortable, good for conversation
Price range: entrees in the 18-24 range

Thanks muchly.

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  1. Here are some suggestions:
    Cafe Centro
    Bobby Van's

    1. Try Chelsea Grill of Hell's Kitchen on 9th Ave.

      1. Whym is a perfect choice for New American in HK. Great setting and good updates on American classics.

        1. At the risk of not sounding sophisticated enough, I would recommend Houston's on 54rd and 3rd - have had many work functions there when I used to work in the area and all ended quite well.

          1. Keens would be my pick. Delicious food and unmatchable old NY ambiance. As with all first-tier steakhouses, prices are high; however, doing a lot of sharing (portions are very generous) will enable you to meet your budget.


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              Perfect choice, RGR! I second Keen's