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Nov 12, 2007 03:48 PM

Allen's Neck Clambake?

Does anyone know if it's possible to get into the annual Allen's Neck Clambake if you're not a member of the Quaker church there? Do they perhaps have a limited number of "guest" passes? It's in August near Horseneck Beach...

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  1. Hi there,
    I just learned about this clambake and didn't find much info online, aside from your posting here. Did you ever find out how to attend?

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    1. re: IHeartAsparagus

      I saw a flyer for it in August at the Bayside Restaurant in Westport. There was a phone number to call for reservations. I don't know why they would post the flyer if the public couldn't attend. It was something like $40pp. Sounded good. Maybe next year...

      1. re: IHeartAsparagus

        Yes, I did attend, by volunteering to work at the event. Shucked corn, plated homemade pies, wrapped sausages and served the finished bake to the paying guests. It was a great experience to watch the giant fire burn, the rockweed being placed on the searing hot rocks, and the trays of food being stacked on the rockweed and covered with canvas. Volunteers get to eat what's left (plenty) after the guests are served. I met a lot of really nice people working there. Silver Queen's post below indicated that if you're local you can find out how to buy tix, but I never did.