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Nov 12, 2007 03:48 PM

Hatfield's or Providence*?

A once a year event for me.

I have been to Providence a few times. so I want to try Hatfield's this time instead..but at the same time, very hard to step away.

any suggestions?

i do enjoy drinking also so, prov chef's menu w/o wine or hatfield's w/ wine.

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  1. I think Hatfield's is great, but not as exceptional as Providence. For a once a year kind of special meal, I would go with Providence. However, I haven't had the tasting menu at Hatfield's, and I've had it at Providence a couple of times, so that could be biasing my view. Have you considered Grace? It might be another good option if you want to branch out from me, it feels more special than Hatfield's.

    1. Hatfield's is really nice, but not quite a "once a year" kind of place like Spago, Providence or Melisse. The food is quite creative, their chef's tasting menu is very good also. I'd put it up there with Joe's and JiRaffe. It's also a bit more L.A. casual like those two, as well.

      1. Once a Year Event places in LA: (Michelin Stars)
        1. Providence * (should be two stars)
        2. Melisse **
        3. Spago **
        4. Valentino *
        5. Urasawa **

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        1. re: russkar

          looking to go either prov. or hatfield's.. but sounds like Prov has the upper hand...
          being able to do a wine paring at hatfield's is tempting tho. ( gets a bit too $ at prov. w/ the seven course for me)

          1. re: EKIMS

            Although Providence is wonderful on so many levels--I agree with Russkar that it ought to have gotten two stars--if you have already been there a few times and are not likely to otherwise go to Hatfield's but for this once a year event, I would give Hatfield's a try this time (you can go back to Providence next year). The food at Hatfield's is excellent (I particularly love the hamachi croque madame appetizer) and the owners are charming.

            1. re: EKIMS

              Providence is much more of a special occasion dining place- but both are really good. Providence has a more formal feel to it- I didn't see any of the men there without a jacket on. Hatfields is more casual and intimate, I would say. Depends on what you are looking for. I've been really happy with meals at both places.