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Nov 12, 2007 03:33 PM

frigidaire twins

I just purchased the frigidaire twins fridge and freezer- now I've been reading about problems people have with them. I'm very nervous and just wondering if anyone has good things to say about them? Also, does anyone know if the handles can be replaced with another style handles?

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  1. I don't know what you've read. I have a pair and, once we got a problem part replaced on the freezer, have had no problems (said part by the way is a common one found on many makes, not Frigidaire/Eletrolux specific).

    Don't worry. With any make there may be problems (frequently, like mine, from parts supplied by third-party suppliers to many manufacturers anyway). That's why they have warranty programs. Remember, for example if Brand A has a "20% worse" frequency of repair rating than Brand B, that may only mean that one is 96% free of problems while the other is 95%. Is that worth losing sleep over? Folks too often don't understand what these statistics actually mean.

    I have no idea about the handles. The machines are/have been sold under various brand names (Kenmore for sure) and may have a different handle design. Ask around. If so, you perhaps could purchase such handles and put them on.