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Nov 12, 2007 03:08 PM

Sunset Dining St. Pete to Longboat

Looking for a favorite place to have a snack, dinner or picnic and watch the sunset in the area between St Pete beach and Longboat Key. Have been to Hurricanes for a drink and the view as well as Beachhouse on Anna Maria. Any other ideas?

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  1. Beach Bistro on Anna Maria will blow you away. Its on the beach with large windows. Rather expensive, but elegant, elegant, elegant. Resv are a must.

    1. Woody's is charmingly Floridian and laid back--it's on St. Pete Beach. No cash accepted and as off the beaten track as St Pete Beach gets. (Good grouper sandwiches).

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      1. re: laboheme

        Love Woody's for the atmosphere, but, unfortunately, they don't serve grouper. They serve "fish" sandwiches. They were caught in the big grouper sting operation selling another species of fish and passing it off as grouper, so they have changed their menu. Also, the sunset view is..... watching the sun fall behind the condos across the pass.

        1. re: debbed

          I have read other posters who prefer Philthy Phils to Woodys. I think they are close by each other but both have "blocked" sunset views

        2. re: laboheme

          "no cash accepted"? Huh? You might mean cc's?

        3. Try Caddy's on Sunset Beach, the tip of Treasure Island. They have pretty good barbecue and wings, free umbrellas and chairs, a second-floor bar. It's hard to beat, though the service can be spotty. But there's a reason it's called Sunset Beach. It's the best.

          1. I would think pretty much any place on the gulf side of Longboat Key would work..