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Nov 12, 2007 02:56 PM

Planning a 25th birthday dinner

I am planning a quarter of a century birthday dinner for my boyfriend. I wants somewhere nice, maybe fine dining with live music so people can dance after dinner. We will have a large party approx 10 or more and need a place that will accommodate it. He really enjoys a place where theres seating area for lounging and chatting with his friends.
I want to make this special, I was thinking towards a supper club. Any good suggestions and open to ideas.

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  1. Toronto supper clubs are rarely praised for their food. For upscale, I'd recommend The Fifth. For more reasonably priced food, and probably a better time overall, why not reserve the front room at Supermarket?

    If you're looking for trendy with a dinner option, than I'll offer up Maro, Ultra, and Lobby, and probably in that order.

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      My apologies. I completely missed the live music aspect of your request. Black Betty is connected to The Fifth, and they will sometimes have live indie bands. Supermarket will also have live bands on certain nights, but you'd have a call ahead to see. I personally think the crowd at Mistura and Sopra could very well put your party to sleep, although the food is far better than the places I've mentioned.

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        I agree re Mistura and Sopra. I think all dlw88's suggestions are good. Haven't had the food at Brant House but that could be another option. If you were willing to give-up the dancing aspect and go just with a lounge then I'd suggest Kultura as well. A lot of these places can get pretty expensive though - so make sure your friends are willing to shell out. We paid $200 per couple at Ultra and I only ate an appetizer. The food was fine but not worth a repeat experience for those prices. Supermarket is definitely significantly less expensive and more casual.

    2. I think that Mistura is the way to go. The food and service are fantastic.Sopra is right upstairs and great for before dinner drinks or after dinner lounge with great live Jazz(I dont recal a dance floor). You will pay top $$$ for food and drink in both places, but he will only turn 25 once

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        Definitely agree with Food4201, Sopra is the way to go. Esp. on a Thursday night, Errol Fischer is fantastic!!! And yes, there is a very small dance area at the front....when Errol is on, everyone is up dancing.

      2. Okay, not "live" music and maybe not "fine" dining, but food, lounge and DJ at Insomnia in the Annex -

        563 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1Y6, CA

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          Insomnia is not a place for a nice 25th birthday dinner. Its a hangout not a destination. I agree that Sopra would be a much better alternative.

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            More to the point, Sopra is the only place in town that combines 'fine' dining and dancing.

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              265 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R1J9, CA

        2. Not fine dining by any stretch, but Red Violin has decent food, a live show and music. It's pretty silly fun - with food for all palates. We had a great time.

          1. I cringe at even the thought of mentioning this, but The Drake is a good spot. The food is mediocre, but the ambiance is probably what you are looking for. Additionally, on any given night, they usually host a litany of shows.

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            1. re: goodcookiedrift

              actually, I think that's a brilliant suggestion.

              F4F - please do let us know where you end up for your boyfriend's birthday celebration!

              The Drake Hotel
              1150 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA