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Nov 12, 2007 02:48 PM

Sugar Pumpkin? What is the taste?

I'm eyeballing the little sugar pumpkin on my kitchen table like its piggy and I'm waiting to fatten it up. But so far I haven't figured out what exactly I'm going to do with it.. which happens often to me when I get ready to cook!

I have not ever tasted fresh pumpkin. Nope never have I cooked the carved out pumpkins or made fresh pumpkin soup.

I love squash, mostly butternut, yellow, and acorn. I do love all of those.
But before I get a recipe, I'm wondering, is it sweet? Like the Acorn which to me are just a delight to eat with butter, not much else is needed. The butternut is to me is less sweet, make wonderful just wonderful soup....sigh. And then there is the yellow crooknecks, sauteed grilled, or my favorite, steamed. Actually all in all I like squash best pretty much left alone.
So before I tear into this little pumpkin, can anyone describe to me or is close to the squash I've mentioned. I can't wait to make it, and if you have a good idea how to prepare it, or a favorite recipe I'm willing to listen!

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  1. I roast sugar pumpkin for pie or soup. The one time I tried it plain after roasting, it tasted surprisingly bitter. I have a soup recipe that I've tried with both butternut squash or sugar pumpkin and it was sweeter with the butternut. We have a hard time finding sugar pumpkins where we live, so I usually save it for the pie and use butternut for other recipes. Good luck!

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      I'm surprised you found sugar pumpkin less sweet than butternut squash. It really should be sweet--one of the reasons it's so often recommended for use in pies. My family doesn't like pumpking pie, but I like to have pumpkin represented on the Thanksgiving table just for the tradition so I often make a spiced pumpkin chutney with sugar pumpkin, onions, chili peppers, brown sugar, ginger, vinegar and pumpkin pie spices.

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        You should try the pumpkin pie recipe in the Stars Desserts cookbook. I've converted all (5) of my "doesn't like pumpkin pie" family members with that one. It's amazing!

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          I did a search and found something in the Times. Is this the recipe? (Copy is condensed and bit hard to read, but it's on page 4.)

          I'm the only one in my family who does like pumpkin pie so I'm always willing to try for a conversion.

    2. I made some killer pies out of sugar pumpkins. It came out delicious and not at all stringy. I've never tried them just roasted.

      1. So I'm seeing a lot of discussion for pie leaning towards dessert. Does anyone use the pumpkin for anything else besides soup or pie? I was sort of thinking of ravioli? Or is that a bad idea?

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          Butternut squash makes a fab ravioli, so I don't see why pumpkin wouldn't work.