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Nov 12, 2007 02:05 PM

Cabrales in Baltimore?

I was at Whole Foods on Sunday and checked the cheese department for D.O. Cabrales. The cheese lady said that it hadn't sold well enough and they stopped carrying it.

I picked up some Valdeon, which is ok but not a substitute for the intense, spicy tang of my beloved Cabrales -- the best blue cheese ever, IMO.

So where can I find it in Baltimore?

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  1. Whole Food also stopped carrying one of my favorite cheeses - Mt. Tam from the Cowgirl Creamery. To my surprise, I saw it at the Wine Source in Hamden...they have a pretty good cheese selection, so it might be worth calling them about Cabrales (I don't remember it specifically being there). It also seems like it might be the kind of place that could special order it for you?

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    1. re: a70wilson

      Yeah, the cheese program at the Wine Source is small but very good.

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        I'll stop by this weekend and see if they have it. I forget about that place -- I haven't been there since they opened.

    2. I buy many items from here. Not the cheapest but good to great quality on some items

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        I checked that and it's actually not a bad price at all. Too bad they're out of stock on Cabrales. I'll keep checking. Thanks.

      2. You could call the Vineyard in Fed Hill - they have a medium-sized cheese selection. If they don't have it, they've been really great at ordering wines and beers especially for me, so it's possible they might for cheese too. I've also had good luck on for cheeses.

        Also you might try Wegmans if that's not too far away.

        1. Try Wegman's in Hunt Valley... I am sure I saw it there.

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          1. re: tapas gal

            I stop by Wegman's roughly three times a week, and have never seen it there. I might ask though. Vineyard is very close to my house -- I'll check that out.

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              Did you go to the Whole Foods in Mt. Washington or the one near Little Italy? The Little Italy store usually has some more interresting selections.
              Baltimore is a tough town for a cheese lover. The Wine Source is still the best place for unique/obscure cheeses. The new cheese girl, Jamie, should be able to order stuff for you if you care to go that route. You should also check out Murray's Cheese Shop in New York. They are an awesome cheese shop and will send you perfect cheeses overnight. Right now they have Cabrales for $13.99 lb.

              1. re: Vespa1

                I was at the one near Little Italy, which is closest to my house. But I've found in the past that the Mt Washington store actually has a deeper selection in the cheese dept.

                I'm definitely going to check out Wine Source.

          2. You may want to give Eddie's in Roland Park a ring. They have some great cheeses, and also may be able to special order Cabrales for you if they don't carry it already.