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need your recs for a good immersion blender

preferably one i can get on amazon!

i see a wolfgang puck set for a steal - has anyone tried it?

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    1. re: scubadoo97

      Bamix For sure. I use mine at my restaurant all the time. What a great workhorse. Great little attachments available too.

    2. I don't have one, but the one that seems to keep getting a good rating (cooks Illustrated) is the Kitchenaid. Amazon seems to have them for around $60, and I have also seen them for the same price at Macy's.

      1. http://www.amazon.com/Braun-MR4050-Mu...

        We've had this model for a while and it's done very well for us.

        1. Check out the great advice on this thread:


          Whatever you do, stay away from the Oster two-speed hand blender. Mine started eating itself after a few days (loud metal-on-metal noises), then melted. What a piece of junk.


          1. I bought my 400w Braun immersion blender on Amazon a few years ago. Accessories include a whisk, chopper, larger "chopper" with an ice crusher blade, smoothie container, and blender. I like the fact that I can mix things up in quart size canning jars. I make whipped cream, butter, smoothies, pesto, and the occassional soup. I'm quite satisfied. I have a tiny kitchen and it lives on the wall next to the counter, always plugged in and ready to use. Since the accessories are tucked in a cabinet they are used infrequently.

            I'm not familiar with the wolfgang puck blender, but I own two wp appliances [convection oven and electric skillet] and they are both crap. The convection oven door requires tape to keep the door closed in use and the skillet is much hotter on one side than the other.

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            1. re: dishchrista

              That Braun is the one I have, too. I use the attachments often. Yesterday, I made a quick veggie-chick pea soup from the soup thread. In no time, I had minced carrots, onions, and celery with the press of a button. When the soup had cooked, I pureed it easily with the stick blender. I'm quite happy with it. I must say, when I tried to find one to give as a gift a few months ago, I had a hard time finding one in stock.

              The Kitchen Aid also comes with attachment options, and they look similar to the Braun.

              1. re: bear

                Another vote for Braun. I have the multimix, the mixer with immersion blender and chopper attachments. Actually this is my second, since I stripped the plastic gears trying to chop something that was too hard. But I like the overall multipurpose functionality enough to replace it with the same thing.

                But if you are hard on appliances, then one of the direct drive units like the Multiquick might be better.

                But if I were to buy one now, I'd also seriously consider the Cuisinart Smartstick.


                1. re: paulj

                  I have the 400W Braun as well and I'm very happy with it.

            2. I got mine at Walmart for $10. Its a GE stick blender. Does all the tricks that the higher priced models below do, and did I mention it was cheap? Also, (and I'm sure you can do this with most models) you can remove the lower half of the stick/blade, and wash it in the sink.

              1. I picked up the WP 550 watt one at Big Lots last week and so far I like it. Of course I had the advantage of buying it locally and returning it, if need be, but it looks like I'll be keeping it- while my older immersion blender w/attachments ends up in the appliance grave yard until one of my nieces need it. I made peanut butter with my new one, using the chopper container attachment. It did a really good job, not as good as my Just Nutty peanut grinder, but it needs a new motor unfortunately. Compared to either my old immersion blender or KitchenAid Pro Blender, Oster Blender, or my older Black & Decker food processor, the WP immersion blender made the smoothest peanut butter and required the least amount of oil be added. Plus it didn't balk at all, and I made 2 cups worth of peanut butter, which is a lot. I've played around with the immersion stick and the whisk attachment, and am impressed with how they handle. The big test will be when I make up a bunch of soy, almond, rice, millet, etc milks concentrates to freeze- its so nice to be able to process them in the stock pot instead of transferring in small batches to the blender carafe.

                Would have I liked to have bought one of the pricier brands? Sure, but I had to buy what fit my needs right now and my budget. One big factor for me was having an all metal immersion stick- my old one had a plastic casing which I always worried about in hot liquids, particularly if I was making something with a lot of sugar. I also wanted one with variable speeds- sometimes you don't need as much power as other times. Another big plus for the WP immersion blender is it has a good hand feel and balance- my other one tended to tip too easily if I left it standing in something or on the counter.

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                1. re: anniemax

                  Dear Anniemax:

                  I was wondering if you could share some guidelines you used in making peanut butter with your WP Immersion Blender. I am an aboslute newbie to cooking and using this product as I just bought it and I am not clear as to what attachments you used to blend your peanut butter (what was your recipe for the peanut butter. Did you use the immersion stick and what type of blade, and what type of container did you blend the mixture in, or did you use the plastic chopper container?? I would like to make some almond butter and cashew butter, but cannot afford to buy a separate food processor at te present time, so any advice would be appreciated

                  1. re: dleah26

                    I don't think an immersion blender is the right tool for nut butters. It is best for pureeing soft items like cooked vegetables and ripe fruits, that are immersed in some water. You should be able, with one quick whirl to immerse the blade guard the the puree. It is not designed for grinding.

                    If it is a direct drive (like the C Smart Stick) making it work too hard will cause the motor to overheat. With a Braun multi-tool, it is possible to strip the plastic gears (I've done this).

                    Some immersion blenders come with a mini-food processor/chopper. That can handle small amounts of nuts, for example when making pesto. I also prefer this attachment for making romesco type sauces (tomato, peppers, bread crumbs, nuts, etc). The immersion attachment is good for cold soups like gazpacho.

                    1. re: paulj

                      Wonderful thanks for the tip. I have an Immersion Blender that comes with a food processor/chopper so I will experiment with making the almond butter as you suggested in the chopper since I only require a small amount of Almond Butter for specific recipes. Again thank you for your help!!! I am an extreme newbie to cooking so I really appreciate the assistance on this site.