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Nov 12, 2007 01:10 PM

Thanksgiving Rolls

Can I make and form my rolls a day (or two?) ahead of time, refrigerate and just throw in the oven when the turkey comes out? I'm thinking about the Parker House rolls in the Martha Stewart Baking Book, which I've heard good things about, but I'm accepting any and all suggestions. I am trying to do everything ahead of time, except maybe the mashed potatoes, so that I can relax with my twenty guests. ;-)

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  1. I think you could refrigerate them for a day or two, or freeze them for longer. I will probably do that this year as well. Throwing them in the oven when the turkey comes out sounds just about right.

    1. They will rise in the refrigerator, so I would not leave them there longer than overnight. However, you could form and freeze them, then take them out to rise an hour or so before baking, and you should get good results.

      1. Do brown 'n' serve. Prepare ahead, bake till almost done, refrigerate or freeze, your choice, warm to room temp, then put in the oven to finish.

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            I have made brown and serve rolls successfully for years.


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              okay, I'm confused. Are you both talking about a product or a method. I am not interested in the product sold at the market. Am interested in a method for making the rolls ahead of time. Forgive me my confusion.

        1. I've done homemade brown n' serve rolls many times, too. You bake them till risen completely but not as brown as you'd like (in fact, mine are very pale, but firm). Cool and freeze. Finish browning in the oven just a few minutes before you need them.

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            Sounds like a plan - wish me luck! I made my gravy today, so if I make my rolls tomorrow I'll be motoring along.