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Nov 12, 2007 12:25 PM

Thanksgiving in Kansas City

Help! Can anyone recomend a good restaurant that will be serving Thanksgiving Dinner in Kansas City? All the family will be out of town this year and it's going to be just me and my mom and we see no reason to fix a big dinner just for the two of us. We are looking for something a little on the upscale side but not TOO upscale. Somewhere nice you know.

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  1. There are some options here: ($95.00 a person at Starker's- ouch! :-) We had Cupini's cater our Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, and it was excellent... that's what I would do if I could! A cozy dinner at home with no cooking and great food!

    1. A few years ago, my brother and I were on our own for Thanksgiving. We went to Vietnam Cafe at 39th and Rainbow, then went to go see a kung fu movie. Maybe not the most traditional Thanksgiving, but a LOT of fun.

      1. Last year we went to M & S Grill on the plaza for Thanksgiving, we had a very good meal. The only down side was the plaza is a mad house on Thanksgiving, parking was very hard to find and took forever to leave with all the traffic. This year we are trying the Hotel President downtown, its $40 a persom might be a little high for what you looking for, and its doing the day, but the menu for the brunch looks very good.

        1. Severel years ago (3-ish?) we ate at what was the Fairmont on the's different now and I am blanking on the name...but the meal was wonderful...traditional Thanksgiving fare in a beautiful setting. One of the best parts was being right there for the fireworks and lighting. I'd do it again in heartbeat if I didn't have a 2 yr old. We actually took our kids who were 5 and 6 at the time - it was very special for all of us.